Back at the Mp4/6 1/20

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Desk view

This is me back to the modelling. Not done a great deal tonight but as per my WIP on the MP4/6 1/20 I have been doing a bit of juggling between my daughter and the front suspension. I have a full day tomorrow to get really into the swing of it so there should be some updates daily from now on.

New Year, back to the bench and the website

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Hi everyone, I’ve been sat here now for two days doing a lot of thinking and doing stuff around my work room, my bench and my website and finally I have the buzz back to get on with my builds. This last few years has been tough. I have been having issues getting my head back into my builds, I get to the point where I sit down start doing some work and another thing gets in the way. Work, family and other priorities are constantly making it hard to spend time doing what I love doing best. So here goes, it’s time to get stuck in and finish off the F2002 1/12 Revell and the 1/20 mp4/6 Tamiya.

Everything is in place so hopefully this time I won’t be disappearing.

Tomorrow night i’ll get back to the mp4/6 and upload in my WIP. I’m forcing myself to get this kit done by the end of April 2019. The F2002, well that’s another story. I have things to get on with but really need to get the electronics and steering system sorted out.


MP4/6 1/20 Update

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I started this a few weeks ago and it’s well underway. The tub was painted and ready for a bit of detailing this weekend so got to it earlier this evening.

I’ve started the front suspension and have butchered the original kit parts and creating my own version. I have however only got one shock to spare so need to purchase some more next week. Hopefully you can follow my wip.

I’m using a different technique for the cf and finish on the tub so hopefully it will turn out well. I’ll be back to it in the morning and will give some further updates as I go along.

Quite a lot of detail is going into this build and I figure it will be my most detailed 1/20 to date.

Completed MP4/4 1/20

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Completed and mounted 1/20 Tamiya Mclaren MP4/4 full detail. The MP4/6 Fujimi 1/20 full detail is under construction in my wip section for this car. Hope you all like it. Still a lomg way to go with it though.

Mounted MP4/2 Lauda Mclaren 1/20

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Now I can call this complete. Ready for the display case here is my Lauda MP4/2 84 British GP Beemax 1/20 full detail F1 car. 1 of many to mount and display. Next is my MP4/4 Senna car. Considering i’m a huge williams fan I seem to be doing a lot of Mclarens. Never the less Mclaren will always inspire me.

Cleared bench

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So the bench is cleared for the next kit to be started. Before I do i’ll be completing the MP4/4 1/20 body work that I never got round to completing. Once this is done I was going to get on and finish the F2002 as it’s been at the forefront of my mind for some time. However, i’m still in limbo over the drive and steering system at the front end so will be getting on and finishing the Lotus 79 from 78′ that I started a while back. Onwards and upwards to the next model journey. Please keep watching and i’ve also decided to get some videos done. I’ve had a few emails relating to this so that’s something i’ll be adding to my you tube channel that i’ve never used and on here.


Completed MP4/2

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So here it is the completed MP4/2 Lauda car from the British 84 GP. There are a few more images to edit but will add these later.

Time for it to be stored away ready for mounting when the plinth has been finished.