1/12th Fw14b

1992 FW14B championship car finished. I’ve had a number of requests regarding my image collection of the FW14B, if you are interested, for a small fee for around 600 + images, detailed images, these can be sent to you as a digital link. All images on the download are copy writed to myself F1Modlz Paul and are not for redistribution but for the consumers benefit in detailing model car kits. (All proceeds are to my modelling so please support me as I have kids lol). Drop me an email and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

20130602-233404.jpg My Tamiya 1/12 scale FW14B

20130602-233433.jpg FW14B 92 Mansell

20130602-233442.jpg Active suspension, front end management

20130602-233452.jpg Renault 3.5ltr V10

20130602-233500.jpg Active suspension arm

20130602-233506.jpg FW14B Pedals


60 thoughts on “1/12th Fw14b

  1. Your photos and model look amazing. There is growing interest in your collection of photos at the F1M modeling site. I look to one day making the build of FW14B my personal watermark (that’s the “plan” anyways) and your photos would be of great assistance. I did not see any listing on eBay. Is it still possible to purchase a copy?

    • Hi mate. Yes defo I’ve spent a long time doing these and have a lot on a DvD that may interest you . Just look for the FW14B images in the search engine and ill sort some out.

      Sorry I havn’t been quicker in response I’m just at work at the moment worse luck. But have a look but the ones on the DVD are even better than the ones on the site .

      Cheer Paul

  2. How will these images compare to the ibook you are planning? Will all be included or a subset? I can imagine the last option but just checking before I buy the pictures or the book 🙂

    • To be quite honest I’m not so sure but the images will be the same but in a better lay out with a bit of data etc. However the book will be a while before it’s released. I expect in the next couple of months time permitting bit ill be doing updates all the time. Disk is fairly basic in its approach with files relating to the car sections ie, rear front brakes, body work etc etc. My idea is something a bit more exotic in comparison to the mfh books honda did but with that kind of look.

      Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Paul

    I’m planning on building the Williams as well and would like to know if the photos you provide will have enough detail so as to use them as references to assist with the build.


    • Yes it is I’ve not Been selling it of late but will put it on tonight. There is a link on my web home page if you look at around 9/10 pm European time it will be live mate.

      Thanks for your kind words


    • Sorry meant to contact you can’t get it on because eBay won’t let me list the dvd for some reason been on it all night. Hopefully should be sorted by tomorrow if not I can send you a link to my cloud account and you can down load it will also save shipping on the disc?

    • Lol guessed that ha ha hope the pics are ok make sure you down load them onto your of or Mac and let me know it’s been completed and I’ll close the link cheers mate hope they help

  4. Hi Paul, I could send you the money then you could send the disc. Or could transfer the money into your account. Let me know how you would like to do it.


  5. Hello. I’m a modeler in Brazil. I am interested in buying the images. If you are selling, could you accept payment via paypal and give me the download link?

    • I do have images they are £10 and of you send the funds to my email address I can send you the link to download. If you send the request to the following email add with an email to send them too I can give you the details of my eBay account!

      Regards Paul

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