Completing the body

Just a few more coats of gloss black then i’m ready for the clear coat. Going to order this from hiroboy but cant wait. Getting back into the swing of things now. It’s been difficult and and found a few things out like how much more precise you have to be with spraying smaller models.

I’ve used alclad chrome for the top of the car and hiroboys own paint for the black areas. In terms of ease this model is quite easy to do. The more difficult bit is my banana skin part with the decals and the finishing. Glad i’m doing it on here and not on the 1/12 stuff!!! I learn’t one thing though through youtube and playing around and that was making sure you thinly spray the alclad over the gloss undercoat as this will get you a shinier more realistic coat. Don’t over spray as this will give off a matt dull effect unless thats what you want…… Will show you some pics later of the tools iv’e been using a and the ones i will use for the decals …

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