Research!! Well this for me is possibly, other than the hours of prep work the most important part of model building. An accurate replica is the best thing in my view, It’s real and true to form. I’m currently studying the F2002 Ferrari from the 2001/2002 season that Shumacher won one of his titles. I’ve put a few images in my f1 image collection area for you to have a look at, maybe for your own reference? A while back I was told that when building a lot of pros and even enthusiasts want to see a true replica, well images taken of these cars are the only thing you can use to justify like anything in life that actually, ” yes the car was built like this in this colour using this paint and had this and that on it!”You may notice that of all the pictures of the f2002 engine they are all different in one way or another. The kit comes with a pre conceived plan of what colour and where things should go. Use a bit of artistic licence keeping within true form but add bits here and there that have been left out, bits that you will indefinitely make the car look more pleasing to the viewers or even your own eye. For me it’s a buzz when i have just added a few electrical components and used more detail and it changes the complete look of the model, it seems almost real.

The idea behind research is to get ideas in your head as to what you are going to add and how to do it. Scratch building is something i’m looking into more as on this model (f2002) as the kit isn’ t to the standard of build quality of other manufacturers ie Tamiya etc, there is a lot that needs adding, removing and building … So my advice would be play play and play again , research you subject in every way and experiment with your paints which i’ll talk about later on as we go on.

The best advice someone gave me was never experiment on a £100 plus kit it will ruin it. Buy a cheap one and mess about with it. Like i’ve done with the mp4/12. You will learn a lot from your mistakes, I have…..

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