The business end

Additional detail a must if you want these fantastic things to look real.




I have collected so much of the detail gear I could build 3 models over with it. Better to have too much than too little. The middle pic is my excess tray. Any cut offs or extras that I don’t use go in here because you’ll never know when you will need it.

A few more additions to the collection.


New additions

I’ve just updated some of my headings with images of some of the products I use. Any questions please ask me. I’ll be updating the site a lot more from now on and start adding some progress pics of the model room and the completion of the FW14B and the start of the F2002 1/12 Revell Ferrari.

The office desk

Hopefully this is what I need building so I have a nice 2meter surface area to work with and shelving to host all my paints etc and research material, DVDs books etc . Nice big area on the far right for my 24inch monitor to show the enlarged detailed photographs too.



So after a couple of days chatting with a new f1 buddy Graham from the North of Uk I have changed my approach towards finishing off my FW14B.

It’s always good to take on new ideas and take on board other people’s perspectives. Ill finish the build but buy a new Tamiya kit and scratch build most of the components and source new materials to make the kit better. After speaking with Graham I have come to realise there are a few issues with the kit that are too obvious to leave and try to justify. There are too many to list but that’s for me to know and you to find out… I’ll mention them as I go along in the future and bullet point them for you.

So Graham thanks for the ideas and the knowledge i’ll be taking these on board and having a play. Now as for the mp4/12 I really need to get on with this kit. I’m not going crazy with it its just a painting exercise and a way of me getting back into things.

Getting back to it

So I’ve been away doing the garden as the wife says more important things than plastic models…. I beg to differ but then I love the garden. Got some plans to get the room finished finally just need the materials and ill be able to get on with the mp4/12 and get my 1/12 scale boys started …. Hopefully in the next few weeks .