Fw19, Fw24 Williams F1

These are the next two cars I’m going after. (As in photographing them). The FW19 and the FW24, the 24 being the most sought after. Lets see what happens.

I’ve contacted my source and got the ball rolling. The intention is to do the FW11/11B, FW14/B, FW15C, FW16/16B, FW18/19, and of course the FW24, 5 of these should be enough but I’ll try and stretch it. Hopefully it will be arranged and agreed, maybe a while but fingers crossed!!!

NEWS FLASH!!!!! Just walked into work only to find out that my work colleagues brother is a multimedia publisher…

Williams FW14B iBook

I’ve decided with great thought that I’m going to produce an illustrated book on the FW14B with a bit of it’s history, Something like the book Matthews has done but in greater detail. The cost of the book will be (TBA) as I am unsure as to costs to myself but if all goes well I may look at investing in a hard back, soft back maybe and definitely a selection going forwards in the Ferrari series. This may take some time but I’ll keep you updated. (I’ve had a further look into iBooks but they seem to be restricted to iPads and apple products, not everyone has these so i’ll be looking at other areas too like kindle and electronic data providers, possibly iTunes and android).

Language Barrier

dus van nu af aan zal ik in staat zijn om comunicate in het Frans, Engels, Duits en Nederlands voor degenen die liever zou doen.

A partir de maintenant je vais pouvoir pour communiquer en français, anglais, allemand et néerlandais pour ceux qui préfèrent le faire.

so ich von nun an in der Lage, in Französisch, Englisch, Deutsch und Niederländisch für diejenigen, die lieber tun würde dies comunicate.

so from now on i will be able to comunicate in French, English, German and Dutch for those who would rather do this.

Building the Desk Finally

Been to the B&Q, this is a version of Home Depot for those overseas to get the framework for my desk and will be setting this up later on. Juggling model building, work, family and a office/model room is a big task and not easy but then I’m up for a challenge. Jut need to work out where to start….


One side done. All I need to do is set the other side up and put the surfaces on. It’s coming along strong. Shelving will have to wait till another day but I’m happy with the way things are going.

The second half is done. This desk area is going to be huge. Just what I want.


FW14B Images


FW14B Championship wining F1 Car images from 1992. Mansell’s actual car stripped down with images a plenty. Over 600 on a DVD. For sale on eBay. The listing will finish soon but I’ll be putting it back on as soon as. They are on there now so don’t miss out on something special. Not many images like this are around so take the opportunity to have all you need to add extra detail to your model be it 1/20, 1/24 or the bigger stuff. Any queries please inbox me and the item can be found by just putting FW14B in the eBay search field…..

After lengthy consideration I have decided to trial my FW14B images on Skydrive in order to, one stop any issues with copy right but mainly due to lengthy postal periods and cost, so if you fancy this please let me know what you think and I’ll add an option with free postage as an alternative so I can send links out. As I’m dealing with a considerable amount of customers worldwide I feel this maybe the best option but I’ll let you guys make that decision …

Building stages

A few people have recently asked me why I add almost every stage of my build on my blog? It’s time consuming taking images and writing up every stage? To be honest I like it this way. It’s a trail of my build process and is an excellent way of showing those who have neither built a model before or who are getting into it more seriously exactly what to do. It’s also an excellent way of me being able to take more care and see my own mistakes, after all we are all learning and one must learn by their mistakes!!

F1M Forum

So I got home and set up my account finally on F1M so hopefully I can keep up with the know how on there….

I’m using F1Modlz as my user name for F1M and Automotive Forums too. Hope to see you all on there, thanks for taking the time to visit my site and hope you will all keep doing so.i

Little princess

My little girl has not been well overnight so have downed tools and cuddled up on sofa watching cartoons till mum comes home then I’m back to my F2002. It’s been a crazy 24hrs….


My little girl is looking better and hopefully i’ll be getting back on track. All the DVD’s being requested have been either sent out or waiting at the post office to be sent. Hope you are all liking what I have sent?….

Images of the FW14B

Am a bit overwhelmed by the interest in the images of Mansell’s FW14B. All i can say is cheers guys. It’s difficult at the best of times with time and the cost of this hobby, all proceeds are purely for this hobby so many thanks. Anybody still wanting a disc is welcome to purchase one from eBay. You will not be disappointed. Over 600 images plus a few extras that seem to have got in there for a fw19 and a later BMW.