So back to the mp4/12. I’m glad I did one thing and that was getting a iawata gun. Omg the quality is awsome. Here I have used a gloss over coat from zero paints. The paint sits so nice on the primer, words cannot explain how good this stuff is to work with.


Previously I mentioned issues with masking up on alclad, I think it was in the section about prep work. One note I have to make is that no matter how long you let your alclad cure for and I’ve had mine sat on the work bench for well over a month, have come to the conclusion that the best thing to do so that there is no damage to your coat is to either put more layers on which could change the look and also leave the alclad surface work till last so you don’t have to tape over it as I have found out, it can cause a few issues. Always test this out on smaller test sheets or models. Do it on your big stuff and there is no going back unless you remove all you have done. ( someone once said and I don’t know where it’s from but the quote goes, ” spend a bit more time not causing yourself issues and do it right first time than spending more time repairing what you have done wrong by not paying attention and taking your time” ). Something along those lines anyway!!!

MP4/12 black body coat

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