FW14B Images


FW14B Championship wining F1 Car images from 1992. Mansell’s actual car stripped down with images a plenty. Over 600 on a DVD. For sale on eBay. The listing will finish soon but I’ll be putting it back on as soon as. They are on there now so don’t miss out on something special. Not many images like this are around so take the opportunity to have all you need to add extra detail to your model be it 1/20, 1/24 or the bigger stuff. Any queries please inbox me and the item can be found by just putting FW14B in the eBay search field…..

After lengthy consideration I have decided to trial my FW14B images on Skydrive in order to, one stop any issues with copy right but mainly due to lengthy postal periods and cost, so if you fancy this please let me know what you think and I’ll add an option with free postage as an alternative so I can send links out. As I’m dealing with a considerable amount of customers worldwide I feel this maybe the best option but I’ll let you guys make that decision …

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