F2002 on hold

So for a little while the F2002 is on hold as I’m finishing off the room so I’ll be updating this for a few days.

22:19pm done about a quarter of the shelving. Looking good now and the space I’m creating is immense. Easy access to everything too. Pics to come soon.

16-06-13 (12:08pm),
On with the room again later today when I have finished work. Hopefully I’ll get most of it done so I can start arranging all my modelling stuff into a bit of n organised state.


The left hand side is nearly done just need a few more shelves, then onto the middle. This will be a bit more complex as I need to feed the wires from the monitor that’s going to be raised in the shelving and also my mobile and tablet connections too down the back to the base of the desk where the power unit is.


It’s looking more like a model room. Can’t wait to see it finished. Not long now.

Back to the room today. I have the day off with my little girl but I’m sure she can help me…. 17/06/13 9:20am. Pics to come when I’m done.


The monitor is in just a few more shelves and its time to put everything in its place ….

Looking more and more like the way I want it. Just a few more things to do but time for a break.


Can’t believe how much stuff I have. Don’t know if its going to all fit in. We shall have to wait and see. Just need to tag the whole thing to the wall for extra security and add a few more shelves and then I’m ready to go. Think the ceiling needs a lick of paint but that’s about it. Onwards and upwards. Lets get back I the F2002 shortly.



And this is the reason why I have my large screen, so that I can see all the detail I need when I need it……

Oohhhh and let’s not forget this too!!!!!


Been attaching the whole shelving system to the wall for security, not that it needs it, it’s firmly wedged in place. (24/06/13) i’ve also started drilling holes for the power cables for the monitor and computer plus the Dremel type drill system I have. Just need to finish off the shelving and it’s done.

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