Tip of the week

During the last few days I’ve been using my air brush and spray booth considerably and come across a few issues that I would like to share. As I progress with my builds I’m going to start adding tips so as to give some advice on common issues that may come about from your modelling. Through my experiences I would like to share these with you so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

1: most important don’t forget to make sure your filter is changed quite regularly or washed which ever you see fit. Due to particle buildup this stops the suction action from taking place in your booth and therefore stops particles form being exhausted out of the unit. By doing this you restrict the particles flow and they can only go in one direction and that I’m afraid is straight for your newly painted model parts etc. It’s more apparent on larger surface areas like Wings from planes, body work from 1/12 scale f1 cars but will appear on anything do bare that in mind.

2: don’t get too close to your model and don’t get to giddy about the progress and it takes ages to undo your mistakes. Take your time and make sure that you thin your paints if needed or reduce your pressure on the airbrush compressor. Generally I use Zero Paints and they come pre thinned so thinning is not needed however keep the above in mind.

3: don’t forget to use your mask. I was cleaning the Iwata out and was using some pretty powerful cleaner and now have a headache and feel dizzy.

So take these on board and have fun.

Post F2002 Project

I have been thinking about my next project and have decided that I should do a 1/20 detailed F1. I think that the MP4/4 with the studio full detail and full brake kit would be a fitting kit to start with. I have acquired one from a mate and will be searching for the additional detail kits which I know are expensive and hard to get hold of but I will try my best to get them. I have plenty of time to find them as my f2002 is only part way through.


Here it is the MP4/4 From Tamiya. (27/07/13) Arrived this afternoon from a mate. Looks good in all. But definitely needs the detailed kit for it. The carbon decals and the brakes need adding too. So here I come again Hiroboy after a few more bits.

RE20 Restoration

Over the coming year as I build my F2002 I’ll also be restoring or rather rebuilding my Re20. It was a first build and hand painted and seeing a though I’m more meticulous about my work with the air brush I keep looking at it and seeing so many faults. When will I start this? Not sure but my main plan is to get the F2002 finished but as I have to wait for some engine components to be built etc I may get the chance over the forthcoming months. It’s going to be a difficult job but I’m really looking forward to it.

Martini Porsche with decals

Fallen In love with this car all over again by just putting decals on it this evening. Thought I would have a rest from the F2002 and come up with this.


Just need to add the rear decals and side ones then add the wing mirrors and I’ve finished it. Ten years in the making lol .



My first ever hand painted interior. Was quite proud of it at the time. With the introduction of a spray booth and a air brush things are a lot different now. I have another one of these lurking about in my loft that I bought from Preston a number of years ago that I think needs to be brought out at some point and started. Maybe I could get some different decals and do a different car? Over time the window edges have become a bit worn and discoloured so I’ll be giving them the once over tonight. Nice shiny black rims round the window frames.


Under door and door decals are on on one side. I’m loving this. Nearly done just a few more hours and it’s complete.



Distraction over back to the F2002.

Martini Porsche 935 Turbo

Forgot I had this. Just cleaning my room making way for the additional surface work areas I’m making and came across this. First 1/12 I ever did along with the RE 20, all hand painted back in the late 90’s….



As you can see I never finished it. Might get the decals on tonight.