Martini Porsche with decals

Fallen In love with this car all over again by just putting decals on it this evening. Thought I would have a rest from the F2002 and come up with this.


Just need to add the rear decals and side ones then add the wing mirrors and I’ve finished it. Ten years in the making lol .



My first ever hand painted interior. Was quite proud of it at the time. With the introduction of a spray booth and a air brush things are a lot different now. I have another one of these lurking about in my loft that I bought from Preston a number of years ago that I think needs to be brought out at some point and started. Maybe I could get some different decals and do a different car? Over time the window edges have become a bit worn and discoloured so I’ll be giving them the once over tonight. Nice shiny black rims round the window frames.


Under door and door decals are on on one side. I’m loving this. Nearly done just a few more hours and it’s complete.



Distraction over back to the F2002.

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