Post F2002 Project

I have been thinking about my next project and have decided that I should do a 1/20 detailed F1. I think that the MP4/4 with the studio full detail and full brake kit would be a fitting kit to start with. I have acquired one from a mate and will be searching for the additional detail kits which I know are expensive and hard to get hold of but I will try my best to get them. I have plenty of time to find them as my f2002 is only part way through.


Here it is the MP4/4 From Tamiya. (27/07/13) Arrived this afternoon from a mate. Looks good in all. But definitely needs the detailed kit for it. The carbon decals and the brakes need adding too. So here I come again Hiroboy after a few more bits.

2 thoughts on “Post F2002 Project

    • Can’t wait to get started on it but the F2002 comes first though. Need to get hold of a top studio kit. It’s going to be an amazing build with the detail involved.

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