Tip of the week

During the last few days I’ve been using my air brush and spray booth considerably and come across a few issues that I would like to share. As I progress with my builds I’m going to start adding tips so as to give some advice on common issues that may come about from your modelling. Through my experiences I would like to share these with you so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

1: most important don’t forget to make sure your filter is changed quite regularly or washed which ever you see fit. Due to particle buildup this stops the suction action from taking place in your booth and therefore stops particles form being exhausted out of the unit. By doing this you restrict the particles flow and they can only go in one direction and that I’m afraid is straight for your newly painted model parts etc. It’s more apparent on larger surface areas like Wings from planes, body work from 1/12 scale f1 cars but will appear on anything do bare that in mind.

2: don’t get too close to your model and don’t get to giddy about the progress and it takes ages to undo your mistakes. Take your time and make sure that you thin your paints if needed or reduce your pressure on the airbrush compressor. Generally I use Zero Paints and they come pre thinned so thinning is not needed however keep the above in mind.

3: don’t forget to use your mask. I was cleaning the Iwata out and was using some pretty powerful cleaner and now have a headache and feel dizzy.

So take these on board and have fun.

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