So busy

Had a nightmare few days, not had a minute to do anything. Sorry for no updates as I said I would but should be back on track soon. (This is what happens when you have family lol).

New order

Had a quick chat with Young Steve @ Hiroboy and will be placing a new order for some parts I need to finish off the F2002. Can’t wait to get back on with it. I will also be doing a new youtube clip on the car and a part update of the new engine and gearbox parts that Brian is building at some point so look out for this….

Crazy week

So after a crazy few days I’ve finally got my life back on track and should be getting back to the modelling. Seeing the stuff Brian has done for me has brought a bit of life back into the F2002 build. It was beginning to cause a few issues as i couldn’t get to grips with finishing off certain parts of the car. Having spent a couple of hours going through the kit I realise there are many hours of work ahead of me and can get a substantial amount done around the gear box and the engine that won’t hinder the build. So onwards and upwards I’ll be starting it tomorrow and will update with some more images when I get a moment tomorrow night …..

Tip of the Week

Don’t go looking about in your model collection as I did. Reasons for this, you get sidetracked and obsess about other things and won’t get the job in hand done.

Getting side tracked by a mp4/4 is not a bad thing but because of it’s history it will. Plod on and have a break from time to time but keep the focus on the target in hand otherwise you will have loads of models unfinished and nothing to show for it.

F2002 Update

I was supposed to get some updates put on for the F2002 but didn’t get round to it last night, so I will put some on when I get back after work but my mind is fully focused on the Ferrari again and ready to get the rest of the car into the spray booth. No update on the engine and gearbox but from the noises being made at Brian’s end it sounds like it’s going to be awesome to look at and very much like the proper thing…..