Month: October 2013

Thank you

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I’d like to just send a heartfelt thank you to all the guys and girls that visit my site on a daily or weekly basis To view my blogs and hopefully draw some inspiration or help with their own builds. It’s been a year since I set this website up and I’m really enjoying building and adding to it as I go along. So again to all those who visit thank you so much for your support and thank you to those who purchase my DVD.. Keep building keep enjoying and if there is anything on here you would like to see more of or would like to just see as it’s not on here just PM me….


General lee

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I know this isn’t related to my normal topic where model cars are concerned but it’s a car I’ve loved for decades mainly due to the Dukes of Hazard series back in the day but if anyone knows of a model manufacturer who does this car in 1/12 I’d love to hear from you. Please drop me a PM. Converting the car isn’t an issue as decals can be made etc but please let me know…..


Model room

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The office is getting more like a model room as time goes on. Everything is set up for doing the mp4/4 can’t wait to finish off the desk under the window so I can build my larger spray booth and finish off the back wall


1/12 scale Tamiya M1 build by Jake

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Check Jakes 1/12 Tamiya MoroGP great stuff Jake and great detail.

Please support Jake in viewing his amazing site.

F2002 by Brian Fawcett

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Good news just came in. Brian is on track with the detail kit he’s making for the car which includes suspension arms and rods for the front and rear plus the rocker covers for the engine and the gear box. Can’t wait to see them and build them into the car. Hopefully before Christmas. I’ll keep you all updated.

Back to model building!

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Hi guys and girls I’m back after a long stint without doing much I’m back in the room. Things have settled down at work and I have a new desire to get back to the F2002 and the MP4/4. I’ll be doing a few things on the F2002 but not a great deal as I’m still waiting for the Gear Box and engine. The suspension front and back will be done too so most of the front end and the rear will be scrapped but I’m planning on concentrating on the rear and front wings so as to get them finished plus the wheels. So hopefully in the next few days I’ll have some updates and pics. I’ve also had to order some new needles for my Iwata gun as I seem to have bent the nib. See you soon.

Very little time to do anything.

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Sorry guys I haven’t had a chance to do anything recently due to changes and promotion at work but once I’ve settled in I’ll be able to chill out an get back to my modelling. So keep an eye on the site and I should be able to get back to the F2002 and the MP4/4 soon.

Cheers guys