I decided as I have had my daughter all day, doing my modelling was out of the question so I’ve been looking into building a new spray booth. I’ll update shortly with the outcome. It’s not a massive job but a frame to sit the air Box on ready for a larger spraying area. Made out of an old chest type side cabinet this should do the job nicely…. Pics to follow

2 thoughts on “SPRAYBOOTH

  1. Hi Paul…

    Good luck with the Spray Booth…
    One suggestion for you, when I built my Booth I used an Electric Oven, Hob Extractor Fan, for the fume and overspray removal… It works excellently, I recommend it for homemade Booths!!!

    • I thought about that too fella but I ended up getting a commercial one and I’m going to use it as part of the home made boot. Basically forming a frame round it to make surface area larger only issue is I.might have to reduce the actual spray section as the fan isn’t as powerful as I first hoped but good idea though. Would.it not make a lot of noise?

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