New home made spray booth


As you can see it’s going to be rather large however this is a plus for me so I can have two seperate areas for alclad work and general zero paints and others. I’m using an old side board for the frame and my existing mobile spraybooth that will sit on the top. I’ll keep updates as I go along..


These are the sides but I’ll be dropping them down slightly and putting a slight slop on the top…


The sides and back are on just need to do the top and the power supply holes etc. Add a light and done….


Not finished yet but getting close… Looking good though I love the space it’s giving me….

Spent a bit more time on it today all I need now is to finish the top and add lights…




Ready to get back to my models might have a go tonight and prepare for a new start on the Mp4/4. Can’t wait feels like it’s been years…..

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