RUSH 76′


For those who haven’t seen this it’s a must. For many years I’ve been obsessed with what I personally consider to be the golden years of F1. The 80’s and 90’s… However this film portrays a deeper understanding of what and why we had the likes of the Prost and Senna years.  I had no real knowledge of the love and hate affair that Hunt and Lauda had and for me considering the take on this film it wasn’t much different to that of Prost and Senna. It struck a chord in my heart and really got my mind going. Building models for me is more than just a bit of plastic and metal and a bit of paint here and there. A personal touch on them makes them more meaningful. Understanding the historical element is all the more important.

I really had no idea about how what we had in the 80’s and 90’s was spawn from this rivalry. It’s amazing that in war as I like to see it, two men two guys who put themselves on the line could despise and respect eachother at the same time, shared a moment in history that is so important for two of the biggest f1 teams in history.

Documentaries are my thing so watching senna was an eyeopener but this seemed very true and honest, not just one opinion or onesided. It comes across as very well thought out but at the same time modern in its take on the relationship and the fact this was in rich colour gave it more of an edge. Some may criticise it for having a lack of more factual information but as a film for me it was awsome. So if you haven’t seen it watch it. Well worth it.

2 thoughts on “RUSH 76′

  1. Agree 100%, Sir!

    Was a big fan in the late 70’s, through the 80’s and in to the 90’s. Was upset by Villeneuve’s death and then by Senna….and kinda lost interest after that….I still follow on the fringe but, in my mind, there will never be racing like that again.

    RUSH is an awesome movie. According to Lauda himself, it portrays the rivalry quite accurately….and despite the critics, that’s good enough for me!…plus, I think Ron Howard is one hell of a director, so that didn’t hurt either.

    Definitely worth seeing….I’ve watched it about 7 times already….as a matter of fact…I think I might grab a stick of pepperoni, a few cold beers, and watch it again!

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