1st draft of ibook front cover

Here is a 1st draft of the front cover of the fw14b book


2nd version also will add a ghost like profile somewhere of the car on the page.


Think this is nearer what I’m looking for.

I now have the final draft of the front cover of my book. Here it is. Now I just need to complete the rest of it.


Excuse the spelling on this at the bottom. Father picked up on this and had my guts for garters lol. Now edited and updated in ibooks author
Thanks Dad.


On hold for the moment. I’m still doing bits and bobs on the book. The layout and the front cover and intro are done but due to family and work commitments and my current builds I have no time to put 100% into it. Once I’m completed I’ll update the site and load it onto the site to purchase.

One thought on “1st draft of ibook front cover

  1. Really looking forward to this book! Please, please, please try to include a picture of Damon Hill testing this car. That would be a cool version. 🙂


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