312t4 my next kit after the Mp4/4

So as mentioned in my recent updates on the Mp4/4 I mentioned I’ll be doing a 70’s Ferrari full detail. Here it is the 1/12 Tamiya 312 t4 with photo-etch re release. I bought this kit I think back in 2008/9 possibly. I was pondering on which driver and which race but after long thought I decided it would only be fitting to do the car that Gilles villeneuve won his races in 79, I recently watched a documentary on him and must have got the wrong end of the stick as for Patrick comments bellow. As I was going to do his home race however I’ll scrap that and do another. Which one? Patricks given me some to look at. Cheers for that it could have been a bit embarrassing. There is a photo-etch plate and I’ve got plenty of plans for this car so it’s not going to be started yet but I’m hopeful that by late spring early summer once the F2002 and MP4/4 are completed I’ll be getting straight to it. Watch this space.



This kit is on hold for the moment. I was going to do this one after the MP4/4 however after seeing the MP4/5B and the FW11B transkit I’ve decided to do these instead. Depending on how quick I can do those then this one will definitely be next on the agenda. I’ve wanted to get to grips with a 70’s Ferrari so won’t be passing this one up…..

Lathes and drill press

Over the past year I’ve been debating on whether to buy a lathe/drill press combo for my work and up till now couldn’t justify the expenditure based on what I do that would or wouldn’t warrant the use of one. However doing the intricate work on the Mp 4/4 I’ve come to the conclusion that I do need one. Now I ask myself, where do I start, what do I buy and how much? I added a pic of a rather large one previously in my post page but that’s ott for me. Whilst scouring ebay I came across the unimat multi-purpose lathe and drill press combo for a little over 120 quid. For me this is perfect. Lightweight, compact and from reviews fairly robust and reliable for what you pay. So shortly over the next month or so I’ll be getting one and start to make my own parts. Mainly for the 1/12 stuff I’m doing but should save money and add a new dimension to my builds.


Big update on the Mp4/4


Plenty of stuff prepped and completed this evening on the engine. Took quite a while to do what I did as I had a few complications and under estimated the time it would take to do certain parts. All in all I’m happy with the results so far but it’s far from finished. The fun begins now with all the extra top studio detail I need to add. Check out the Mp4/4 whip page on my site to see all the pics etc. Any questions on what I’ve used and techniques etc please feel free to drop me any pms or just drop a question in the boxes provided below.

MP4/4 bodywork

I’ve been sanding and preparing the Mp4/4 body for paint. I’ve been looking at some reference material and some work that jaykay did on his and I’m going to give the undershell a carbon look and add some foil to the areas where there are heat shields. Mainly at the rear of the body work where it fits over the turbos and the exhausts. The primer has gone on after hours of sanding to get the shell as perfect as I need it. Images to follow but they don’t show a lot. The first coat is ok but needs a bit more sanding. As always there are always bits where I’ve used filler so these need dealing with before the final coats go on and the white at the end…