Lathes and drill press

Over the past year I’ve been debating on whether to buy a lathe/drill press combo for my work and up till now couldn’t justify the expenditure based on what I do that would or wouldn’t warrant the use of one. However doing the intricate work on the Mp 4/4 I’ve come to the conclusion that I do need one. Now I ask myself, where do I start, what do I buy and how much? I added a pic of a rather large one previously in my post page but that’s ott for me. Whilst scouring ebay I came across the unimat multi-purpose lathe and drill press combo for a little over 120 quid. For me this is perfect. Lightweight, compact and from reviews fairly robust and reliable for what you pay. So shortly over the next month or so I’ll be getting one and start to make my own parts. Mainly for the 1/12 stuff I’m doing but should save money and add a new dimension to my builds.


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