312t4 my next kit after the Mp4/4

So as mentioned in my recent updates on the Mp4/4 I mentioned I’ll be doing a 70’s Ferrari full detail. Here it is the 1/12 Tamiya 312 t4 with photo-etch re release. I bought this kit I think back in 2008/9 possibly. I was pondering on which driver and which race but after long thought I decided it would only be fitting to do the car that Gilles villeneuve won his races in 79, I recently watched a documentary on him and must have got the wrong end of the stick as for Patrick comments bellow. As I was going to do his home race however I’ll scrap that and do another. Which one? Patricks given me some to look at. Cheers for that it could have been a bit embarrassing. There is a photo-etch plate and I’ve got plenty of plans for this car so it’s not going to be started yet but I’m hopeful that by late spring early summer once the F2002 and MP4/4 are completed I’ll be getting straight to it. Watch this space.



This kit is on hold for the moment. I was going to do this one after the MP4/4 however after seeing the MP4/5B and the FW11B transkit I’ve decided to do these instead. Depending on how quick I can do those then this one will definitely be next on the agenda. I’ve wanted to get to grips with a 70’s Ferrari so won’t be passing this one up…..

2 thoughts on “312t4 my next kit after the Mp4/4

  1. Gilles won his homerace in 1978, driving a 312T3, not T4…. He did win 3 races in 1979, driving this car (312T4); South Africa (which was the debut race of the T4), USA West (Long Beach) and USA East (Watkins Glen). He finished second this season in Canada.

    • Interesting what did I watch the other day then.ummmmm might have to re watch that. Cheers for the heads up. Ok I’ll look at those other races Patrick. Thanks.

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