New update on the Mp4/4

I’ve been working hard on this over the past few weeks and really made some headway. A few issues came about bit nearly all have been sorted. Not long to go now. I recon at the rate I’ve been going this should be done by the end of may and I should be able to get back to the 1/12 F2002 Ferrari.


20years ago today

It feels like it only happened a short while ago but how time has flown these last 20 years. First Roland then Ayrton. RIP… I remember I’d only just semi moved to the UK and was sat in my livingroom in Northampton watching the race. I couldn’t believe already what had unfolded the two days before at Imola….. It looked tense people looked out of shape and Senna in that famous image before the race started said it all. What was to happen next blew me away. Senna gone, as far as I’m concerned the greatest driver or technically gifted driver there ever was, gone!!!. Watching all these documentaries and videos of him with unbelievable amazing driving skills just shows how formula 1 has changed. Whether for good or bad, I don’t think we will ever get to see that kind of driving again, in my lifetime I don’t think!!!! So was he the greatest that ever was? We all have our ideas our thoughts, but for me he made f1 amazing. I’m so privileged to have been able to see those races and be brought up in an era where f1 was at its best… To all those and we must not forget them that have died at the wheel of a race car, RIP.