F2002 bespoke kit arrived today…

This morning my order from Brian at Fawcett models and patterns arrived. Very fast and efficient service from Brian. Great lad and great northern personality too. Anyway on with the kit. I’ve not had a great amount of time with it today as I’ve been working however I’ve spent the past few hours having a look at all the parts and can honestly say it’s going to really change the look of the famous F1 car that is the F2002. I have opened up all the zip seal bags and taken a photograph of the parts for you. Here they are. Firstly the more accurate wheels that you don’t get with the original Revell kit.


Secondly the gearbox and for me personally what changed my mind about the kit and made me think about how we could make it better. Once Brian started re doing the gearbox it was apparent that more had to be changed therefore he went on a mission. In one of the later images there are some electrical connector parts that sit on top of the gearbox ready for wiring.


Third in line were the rocker heads. The original kit ones that are shown in the wip on my home page were very toyish in appearance and not very accurate. Once I have put the engine block and the gearbox together you will notice the difference straight away and the more accurate depiction.


Next are some extra parts as mentioned previously that sit around the top of the gearbox and behind the petrol tank at the back of the monocoque. Also you will see the wheel nuts and threads. Once these are painted up they will look like the real thing.





Above there are also the front and back plates for the engine blocks.

Next are the discs, brake/wheel hubs and the callipers.



Lastly the suspension arms for the rear and the front suspension supports left and right. I will obviously go into more detail when I am adding these parts prepping and finishing them in my wip but for now this is just to show you what is provided.

Firstly I’d like to thank Brian for taking on this challenge. He didn’t have to do this but he obviously is a meticulous and very hardworking guy who saw a need to make a better kit for something that had a lot of potential but didn’t quite have it in the Revell kit. Some have said and some may feel what’s the point but then my thoughts are why not? Apart from these areas on the oob kit the general quality is ok to be honest I think it’s better than most Revell kits I’ve had or had the misfortune to own…. So I hope to get to this soon and get it finished. It’s a long road and should look awesome when finished. I’m also going to do my usual add stupid amounts of extra detail so watch this space and the ride should be good.

The kit is boxed and sealed very well and all parts are protected in the package with bubble wrap. There is a DVD that comes with the set as an aid. The only criticism I have is that a couple of the images are out of focus, however for me it’s not an issue and i’m not going to pull Brian down for this. To be honest the work is in the product not the cd. Awesome matey and I hope to use some more of your products in the future.

Made to order F1

Once I have completed my f2002 and the two 1/20’s I have planned I’ll be starting some oob kits. Primarily 1/20’s f1 from the 70’s to present date that will go on sale through my website. I expect to start this process back end the the financial tax year 2015 going into 2016 April. The kits will consist of the out of the box variety with basic detail in addition. However I will do bespoke full or extreme detail for those interested. Please pm me through my web email @ f1modlzuk and I’ll be happy to help. I will be interested in some 1/12 builds too which I’ll be doing again in the same manner and through my web site and on eBay. Prices will vary depending on scale, detail and time constraints.

Out of this world model lotus 79

Over the past year I’ve been mooching about on f1m forums and seen some simply stunning work no more so than miko’s. I hope he doesn’t mind me doing this however I need to just show anyone who comes on my site that isn’t on f1m that this master is simply awsome at scratch building and producing extra engineering via lathe and other mediums to already amazing kits like this one from mfh. Here is a snippet of the top side of the Swedish gp car Michael is building on the forum. As you can see it’s simply stunning and inspiring to say the least. If you are not already on here please please have a look as there are some simply mind boglingly brilliant model builders on here.


June update on F2002 kit

Had an email off Brian today he’s nearly done with the kit for the revell F2002 kit he’s making. He’s in the process of doing the instruction sheet and should be ready shortly. If you haven’t already put a back order in and wish to, get it in now as there is a bit of a list growing. I myself can’t wait to get this kit and it will surely bring a new dimension to the 1/12.