Out of this world model lotus 79

Over the past year I’ve been mooching about on f1m forums and seen some simply stunning work no more so than miko’s. I hope he doesn’t mind me doing this however I need to just show anyone who comes on my site that isn’t on f1m that this master is simply awsome at scratch building and producing extra engineering via lathe and other mediums to already amazing kits like this one from mfh. Here is a snippet of the top side of the Swedish gp car Michael is building on the forum. As you can see it’s simply stunning and inspiring to say the least. If you are not already on here please please have a look as there are some simply mind boglingly brilliant model builders on here.


3 thoughts on “Out of this world model lotus 79

    • This is a mate of mine from the forum that’s done this on a 1/12 kit it’s awsome more or less all made by himself. Can’t wait to see the rest of the car when it’s finished.

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