Jordan 191

I’ve managed to get hold of two more f1 cars in 1/20 to do a full detail replica of for the future. The Leyton House and the Jordan 191. I received the 191 today and hopefully the other shortly. Because it’s a birthday present I can’t open it or look at it till tomorrow but I know it’s in the wrapper and box and it’s frustrating the hell out of me ha ha… Will have to wait ahhhhh. I’m unsure as to what I’ll be doing with this kit. I have a few ideas but need to do a lot more research on it and get some more reference pics. I’ve seen a few builds on this kit and so far I find jaykays rendition my favourite based on his sublime skills at replicating the intricate detail. Again I don’t  think I can go to the level he has based on limited resources of material or photoetch and plastic moulding. Not having a laythe doesn’t help but I’ll update with a wip on this when I get to it.