F2002 update 

For a whe now I’ve been busy with family and wedding arrangements and general stuff and not had a great time for anything. Work has been hectic and coming off the back of a weeks holiday I’ve forced myself back into my models. Wednesday should be a good day, no one is at home and I have all day to get back into the chassis and the air boxes for the f2002. I’ve managed to get a considerable amount of supplies to get this car finally finished. It’s taking ages due primarily to not having any time but I’ll be updating the site with the work so far. I’m fairly happy with where I’m at and still think I can get this car finished by Easter. So apologies again for the lack of work on my site it has been a trying time. 


3 thoughts on “F2002 update 

  1. Bonjour. Je suis actuellement en plein montage de cette F 2002. je recherche désespérément un kit d’amélioration de Brian L Fawcett. Hélas, il semble que cela soit devenu introuvable. Pouvez vous m’aider à trouver quelque chose?
    Merci d’avance et Bravo pour toutes vos œuvres!
    Jean Christophe BATAILLE (France).

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