FaceBook F1 Pages

To all my followers of f1 modelling. I have removed or rather deleted my Facebook account for the foreseeable future. I still have my Facebook pages up and running on current builds but most of my work will be through my website. I have too many mediums currently running at the moment and managing them with a full time Carreer is too time consuming. I’ll update the pages on FB for f1modlz and my website. 

Many thanks Paul


Lotus 79 1/20 super detail update 

Whilst I’ve been waiting for the F2002 parts I need to continue the build I decided to get on with a 1970’s f1. Mario Andrettis 79. I bought this off Michael on f1m a while back and have been working on the engine this last week. Here it is. The wip is above. I won’t be putting this on f1m but will do when it’s complete. I just don’t have the time to be uploading all the wip on there however as mentioned before it is on here. Hope you like it so far.