Back in the game 

Welcome back to the land of the living. It’s Been a long time since I added anything on my site and felt it was time I got back to what I love doing… it’s been a while since I even picked up a model or an airbrush or anything for that matter modelling related but now I can. 

A few of you know my personal circumstances and understand why I’ve been away for so long. So I apologise for not updating things as much as I would have hoped too. It’s very complicated and such that I won’t be airing it on here but I’ve got that vibe back and hope to get on with some F1 in my spare time. The F2002 is my first port of call. I really need to get this car finished so will be contacting Brian from Fawcett models and patterns to sort it. The steering and electrics for the front end need moulding and start putting the car together finally. Other than that there’s a few 1/20’s to get back to and my book. 

Plenty of things to get on with. But first I need to move all my gear to the new place and set up some kind of temp station. I don’t have much space but what I have should suffice for the time being. So as soon as that’s sorted I’ll get back to updating the site and hopefully have some fun. 

Look forward to your emails and questions and comments. So I’ll be seeing you all soon. 



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