F2002. 5 days to go and back on the bench.

             For a long time now the F2002 Revell has been sat incomplete in a box doing nothing. Today I made a decison after speaking to a mate that it’s time to get back to this car and finally get it put together. I do have my concerns over certain sections but putting it to one side and doing the 1/20’s especially the MP4/2, I think it’s given me that confidence back to do some serious scratch building on the areas I was wanting to get moulded. 

             The MP4/2 should be finished shortly and on a display base. The f2002 will be back on the bench and i’m giving it till end of 3 months to finish. Can’t wait. Things are looking good. I’m now in a situation where I can get on with my work and complete kits. See you soon. I’ll be updating on f1m soon 

Model room 90% complete 

My office is almost complete. Just need to hook up my monitor and do a few bits here and there and it’s fully functioning. Getting all giddy. Once the Mp4/2 is complete I was going to finish off the F2002 but i’ve had second thoughts between that and the Lotus 1/20 79. Not sure as yet but have a week to think about it. The Mp4/2 should be done by sunday evening. I’ll post on 365 and f1m. 

Telford Model show 2017

    Telford 2017 model show: wish I had been able to go. Loads of pics online of some amazing models. Big up to Steve from Hiroboy/Zero paints. Next time I’ll get down. Need to get to these shows. Missing out big time#. 

    Massive advocate of steves paints. Awesome stuff won’t use anything else. Will be putting an order in soon buddy got a few bits and some paint to get, running out.com

Modelling update

      As of the beginning of November 2017 I really got back into my building and have been concentrating on the Mclaren MP4/2. As per my WIP there’s only a few items that need to be compeleted but we are in the home straight. I’ve removed the link for my ebay shop for the Fw14b images and will be taking requests by email for a downlaod link. Due to currently not having the option to make discs and the cost of postage I feel it’s easier and cheaper to send out links in this technological world we live in. Payments I can discuss with you at point of sale and arrange this as there are certain options available but I am unable to use PayPal at this time. Should anyone want a disc I will try to arange this should you prefer it. 

My next build will more than likely be the final stages and completion of the F2002 1/12 Ferrari. I need to find a part for the front end before I can finish off the monocoque but in the mean time I’ll complete the gearbox and engine bay and the front and rear wings. There’s a lot to do but I have more than enough time to get back to things and complete these projects clear the bench and get back to some new stuff. I was possibly thinking of doing some oob rally, lemans and possibly some multimedia kits. 

The office is back to working order in my new place and my life seems to have taken a turn for the better. So hopefully going forward I’ll be able to get a more consistent feed of updates and work done. Please keep watching and contacting me. I appreciate all the views and follows. Any queries please email me or contact me through the chat/comment options on my pages. 

Happy modelling all and thanks again.