New Year, back to the bench and the website

Hi everyone, I’ve been sat here now for two days doing a lot of thinking and doing stuff around my work room, my bench and my website and finally I have the buzz back to get on with my builds. This last few years has been tough. I have been having issues getting my head back into my builds, I get to the point where I sit down start doing some work and another thing gets in the way. Work, family and other priorities are constantly making it hard to spend time doing what I love doing best. So here goes, it’s time to get stuck in and finish off the F2002 1/12 Revell and the 1/20 mp4/6 Tamiya.

Everything is in place so hopefully this time I won’t be disappearing.

Tomorrow night i’ll get back to the mp4/6 and upload in my WIP. I’m forcing myself to get this kit done by the end of April 2019. The F2002, well that’s another story. I have things to get on with but really need to get the electronics and steering system sorted out.


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