Big Office Build…..

I’ve been away for a long time but things have taken a turn for the better. Without wanting to go into too much detail I had a very traumatic latter stages to 2019 and found it very difficult to get into anything least of all my builds. Life has been tough of late but I find that jumping into my work and involving my mind with f1 and my kits has given me a new lease in life. My mind has been so pre occupied in work and family that I’ve neglected the things I truly love doing. I have spent some time researching and gathering materials for a huge external office build and want to share this with you all. There has been a lot of weather issues in the uk of late so things have been a bit hard to start. However, things are looking up the weather is calming down so I should be able to start what I intend to be an exciting build. So buckle up and I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you all. I hope I can also inspire you all to make an amazing space to enjoy your hobbies, be it model building or arts and crafts After the weekend I plan to start my foundations so watch this space. I shall update with videos and pics of what I’m up to.