Preview of Ebook layout

Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 18.11.05

Above is a little preview taster for those who are interested in seeing what the book layout will look like. All the pages are complete however choosing the images and putting them in the correct place is proving difficult. I’m trying very hard to make this as bespoke and as simple as possible and not using any other references for influence. Please let me know what you think so far i’d love some feedback via email.


2 thoughts on “Preview of Ebook layout

  1. Hello
    I haven’t been on your side for a while. The last time I ordered the pictures for the FW14B. Great pictures with a very good resolution. You will be very helpful to me. Yesterday I got a reissue of the Tamiya 312T4 for little money. There are twisted suction trumpets and a PE set from Acu-Stion and tire valves. I indulged myself in the alloy wheels from Macs because they will take the model to the next level. What i want to ask you is any specific information about this kit or a good build report that you would recommend. I would like to either clad the chassis with BMF and replace the rivets with BGA balls. I think there are some PE sheets from Tremodia. But haven’t seen one for sale yet. I would like to build this model as detailed as I can and that’s why I am looking for your help. Which GP can you build from the kit without major interventions? I’m just starting out with scratch structures. Maybe you have leftover parts that you made for your kit that I could buy. I’m also interested in your book about the FW14B. I would be delighted to be able to support you with the purchase of the book. I hope I’m not pushy as I ask so many questions.
    I would love to hear from you.
    Lg. Martin Seelos

    • Hi Martin hope you are well. As for the 312 I haven’t got anything left from that kit as I sold it on. One day I will re purchase this for my stash. As for builds I would probably go on F1m and search for the 1/12 builds of this kit that are very detailed and have lots of reference. Also if you want detailed images of this particular car, google and gurneyflap have plenty as far as I’m aware. Appreciate the kind words on the book. It’s almost completed but have had to put the publishing on hold till later in the year but should be a go when my office is complete inside. Once this is done I can concentrate on all the things that have been put on hold for work family and covid reasons. You are more than welcome to contact me via email should you wish it’s on my home page.

      Regards Paul

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