Office build update

So today has been a long day. I completed the first of the two wall mounted paint bottle shelves. The second side will wrap round to the right and meet up with the spray booth wall. The freezer is all plugged in ready to go and hidden in the corner. As I do a lot of carp fishing I need freezer space for my bait as well as more freezer space for home too. I decided to build my chest freezer into this build rather than put it in the shed across the garden. I’m quite happy with the results and look forward to filling it soon. Tomorrow I’ll be constructing the main shell of the spray booth and fitting my two compressors. As well as that I will be constructing a set of shelving for my manuals, reference books and other materials I have collected over the years. My mill and lathe will be fitted at a later date. For the time being I just need to get the basic shell of the office completed by the weekend so I can start painting and getting the carpet fitted. More updates to follow over the next few days.

Into the final straight

So the last few weeks I’ve been building the office area for model builds. There’s still quite a lot to do. Carpeting, paint shelves, spray booth and some other bits and bobs and paint the surfaces. So below is where I have got too. Think I have two weeks to go on this and it should be finished. I have ordered some wood and decking to finish off the outside perimeter too. Pics to follow on that one once complete.

God knows where all my kits will go but ones that I have out of my stash to do are being placed in the slots above the benches.

Office Update September 2020

Over the last few days I have been constructing the model making side of my building, so far the above has been completed. There is a lot more to do. The paint racks and the spray booth. The area under the right hand wall mounted parts trays is for my lathe and mill. I have been making sure that my kits can fit in the Obove sections and in the cupboards below. I need to make some doors and finish off with paint but will wait till it’s all constructed. I recon within the next 4 weeks it should be completed and ready for use. I won’t be able to fit all my model collection in the office as it’s way too vast so will have to use the attic for space. I will update again later on next week.