Last stages of the office build

A few bits added today. The monitor above the spray booth that will be used for reference, DVD’s and sky is connected for motorsport etc. The main desk is coming together. I’ve managed to get some of my bits from storage and put them in place. There is so much more to be added. The ceiling needs painting, the floor needs completing, lathe and milling machine needs putting in place. Add to that the finishing touches. Hopefully I should have this all done by the end of the following week. The external parts of the build, ie, steps and a few bits round the rear of the office should be completed by then too, can’t wait as it’s now really coming together and will be ready for use. I will post a video walk through for those interested. Updates to follow In the next week. Cheers guys appreciate the support and all the views. My intention now is to set up video capture so I can post on my YouTube channel so I can really get you guys in my office seeing how I work and what goes on.

Mid October Office update

Over the past few days I have been filling In sanding down and painting the surfaces in the model office area. Not sure what the wall colour will be but the shelving and surrounding areas will be black and the surfaces grey. I’m absolutely gobsmacked at these day light bulbs that are in my down lighters. So much light. Many have had opinions on me not having a window or skylight but having opted for 5 high end day light leds and the daylight lamp/magnifier I feel I have been justified in my decision therefore not losing space. There is a huge natural light source at the front which floods the office with light anyway. So tomorrow I’ll be continuing the painting and once that’s done all my other modelling gear can be brought in. I shall be ordering carpet within the next week work pending.



Mid October office update

So I’m in the final stretches of the office build. I’ve started building the or rather constructing the spray booth, here are some images of where I got up to since my previous update.

I’m currently at the stage of constructing the fan base and the exhaust system from the rear end of the booth. I have a few more ideas for this including a slide in filter system which can be removed at any stage to replace the filter sheets. It’s taking a bit of time but should be completed this week. There is so much left to do including all the electrics. The spray booth daylight strip is in place and ready for power. I will update again over the weekend and there should be more to see. Once this is done I have a 20” monitor to be added above or to the right of the booth. Then it’s time to sand down and fill in. Once this is completed it’s time for paint then the carpet fitters are in to complete the interior. Can’t wait. It’s been a long hard trek but the end is near and I can get back to my builds.