Final stages of the model office

The spray booth was completed today. (Except for painting the rear). I managed to get my first piece coated earlier, really happy with the two fans. Makes a huge difference from the single one I had previously. Can’t wait to get on and finish the mp4/6 and get to other kits.

This is the filter draw. I’ll be able to remove and replace filters over time without having to unscrew everything,
The two fans and power switch on the rear. Both fans push the fumes through ducts to the rear of the office and out of the wall. I will get to painting these sections over the course of the weekend. All I have to do now is finish the front step and put the aerial on the roof for the free view.

Back on the bench. MP4/6 1/20

So after months of inactivity on the bench due to building the new office and model room at the end of the garden I’ve managed to get the mp4/6 started up again. Above are some images of how far I got before I packed it all away. Onwards and upwards from here. Hope to get this done by the beginning of the new year.