Revell 1/12 126 C2 Ferrari build with daughter

So the last few days over Christmas Ella (My 9 year old daughter) and I have been building a 1/12 scale engine. Most of the work has been completed by her. Painting, reference etc. The detail however is a bit far fetched for her at the moment but that is all I have done. This is all her own work and I’m really impressed with what she has done so far. Using paints, gluing and finding reference material. Wow is all I can say. A little modeller in the making. Bellow is where she has managed to get. Updates are on the wip page.

Really proud of my little girl. Love spending time with her doing this. All her choice which makes it all the better. Can’t wait to see how this ends up. So till the next time if you fancy keeping an eye on the wip please watch. 👍🏼

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