FW14B Monocoque

I’ve Spent a few days on the fw14b. Above is the stage that I’m at. I’m Really happy with it so far but there is a long way to go. Winter is upon us, work is slow as the bad weather heads in. Just happy to be back at it, it’s been a while. The engine set I purchased the other week should be with me soon so cannot wait to have the complete set to get on with. It’s not all glued together as there are a few areas I need to complete, ie , wishbones and some internal detail around the dash and back of the dash and some of the brake lines. Once that is completed I can get it all glued up and ready for adding some decals.

5 thoughts on “FW14B Monocoque

    • The car I photographed was Mansells so will be using the side injectors so basically the early engine. There are issues with the engine block as the kit one is wrong so a few modifications needed. Mansell didn’t like the engines Patrese used ie the over head injectors.

  1. Hi Paul:
    Following your FW14 build with great interest. I have picked up a ton of building tips so far. I have all the Top Studio detail sets ready to go on my build. Looking at your pics of the cockpit it appears that you have left out the seat. Other than it covering the detail in the TS set, is there a reason for this that I am missing?
    Wayne Scott
    Vancouver, BC

    • No I’ve not left out the seat I’ll be getting to that. I have the Williams logo and mansells initials to build into it. There is a lot of thinning to do on this section but will get to it.

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