Alclad2 Products and Primer


Alclad primer on ready for the shinny silver stuff to go on ! Had to do a lot of filling sanding buffing u name it its been done.. Spent 6 hours on it so far and still needs some touching up…. Would rather spend time getting it right on the rest so the real thing on the 1/12 models is perfect ,,,,,!!!!


The chrome is on the wheels and part sprayed on the rear of the body letting it settle a bit before i continue….


Courtesy of website this is the finished effect of metal finishes on model resin products.



Alclad2’s bread and butter metal finishes: worth knowing what you are wanting as a metal match to your build.


These are the main items I use. Alclad gloss base to get the additional metal look. Masking tape to separate surfaces. Note when using tape that the paint has fully cured before using it especially on alclad as it brushes off quite easily and ruins your work. Always be mindful of this in all cases.

Anybody wanting to use this stuff please please use a respirator…..


Alclads have been my staple metal finishes for many many years. I swear by them but a must is how you lay the foundation for them. Light layers building up to a gloss sheen ready for the light layers of metal finish. This way you can control the sheen and final finish. I also recommend using the metal finishes between 10psi and 15/20 psi recommended by the manufacturer for best results. This way you don’t lose the detail on the parts you are spraying,

I would only dull down or increase opacity by using Alclad Mat, semi mat, gloss and super gloss clear coats.

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