Beemax MP4/2 1/20 super detail


One for the future. The MP4/2 Beemax 1/20 British GP 84′. Purchased this off a good friend in the hope of doing some justice to a forgotten well not so talked about iconic car. Like the FW11 and FW11b I wasn’t a great fan of the looks but over time I’ve come to love it. It ouses power and can’t wait to get too it. I’m in the throws of getting some extra detail from Steve at Hiroboy including full PE kit and carbon CF. nuts and bolts, you know the rest I don’t hold back. Reference for this car is going to be somewhat difficult I believe, but have some contacts in the industry that can help me out hopefully. I’ll update with pics of the detail kits and livery decals. As for race as stated before the 84 Gp of Britain. When I’ll get to this I don’t know but please keep an eye on this thread for the future.


Today I received my shipment of goodies from Steve at As usual I have to say Steve is a legend and always comes up with quality service. Thanks mate, brilliant.

Here below are a few images of the extra detail kits and to be fair the amount of stuff you get for so little money is tremendous. A full set of carbon decals ready to add cut to shape and well made from what I can see. (Both kits for this car are £19.99 each from Steve. Some £5 cheaper than other retailers). They are very thin and should fit perfectly on the kit.

Next are the PE sets from the BEEMaX set.

All the intricate parts for the chassis, monocoque and the cockpit. One thing I will say is the hose connectors on the left are plastic and chrome painted. Not a fan so will be using my own sliver and brass versions.

Another set of PE plates with huge amounts of detail. Just the way I like, loads of detail :).

Comes with a great little manual on where to put things. Pretty straight forward for the novice and simply laid out.

Air valves in 1/20 scale for the wheels. A great addition to give the wheels a great look.

And lastly those all important Tabacco decals. Don’t know if I’ll use these, will see. I’ll also be purchasing some brake kits in 1/20 from Steve shortly as the kit ones in plastic don’t really do the car justice. I think the nearest ones available in terms of mirroring those on the cars are the MP4/4 ones that I had on the earlier builds. I’ll compare and size them up to see if they will be right.


So here I am back at it again after some considerable time out. I’ve moved location and don’t have a great deal of space so what I do have is a more temp set up nothing like what I had in the old house. However one thing I do have is more spare time to get on and do my modelling. So bare with me. I’ll be concentrating on the lotus 1/20 extreme detail and the MP4/2 extreme detail only for the next 6/12 months. So please enjoy the build and I’ll update as much as possible as I go along.

So to start with I’m back at the beginning of the build. I have as previously stated the relevant extra detail as above so will be sitting down over the next few days to a week concentrating on the reference. I’ve collected quite a bit so will see where I need to start and exactly how extreme I would like to go with the mechanics and the electrics. I’ll be starting with the monocoque and the chassis.

Just getting a feel for the monocoque and the chassis.


Tonight after I’ve dropped my daughter off at her mothers I’ll be going back home to sand down the monocoque ready for an under coat and add the PE. I’ll be doing a light grey mist and then doing a few more layers over the top ready to glue the PE parts from the above kits I have. Similar to the way top studio show off their products on the plastic kits so you know what’s being added or can be added as extra detail. The sanding will be quite light and there isn’t a great deal to do but making sure that everything is well prepared so the parts fit snug. Unlike the MP4/4 tamiya build I did last year with extra detail and the year before there should be ample space on the BEEMaX kit for extra detail under the hood. I’ll be updating with pics later tonight on what I’ve managed to do.


PE added after sanding down the areas that I want to remove and add extra detail too. There’s quite a bit to remove off the undertray and the nose. As I go along I’ll show the PE areas before I do a first coat of gray.

The under carriage and the top of the nose come ready for set for the night.

The under carriage wit PE where the exhaust exits the tray. Most of the undertray will have CF after paint and gloss.


I’ve started back on the mp4/2 and gone straight for the engine. I’ve started to add the photo etch that I bought as extra detail however there are some pieces that i’ll not be adding. Mainly the wiring and wiring detail. This I will be adding as I did previously on the mp4/4 with proper wiring not the photoetch provided. Once this faze is complete i’ll get back to the mlnocoque and let the glue set and clean it up later.

Notice the mistake I made??? Yep.. put the Tag photo etch on the wrong way. Sorted now looks much better. Getting a bit giddy. Need to slow down a bit and take more notice. It’s been a while please forgive me.

All the main engine parts are assembled and ready for paint. Can’t wait to get this done tonight and ready for the extra detail to go on. I’ve been looking at all the reference for this engine and there is so much to add. It really is going to be a fabulous build this MP4/2. A long way to go yet but really looking forward this. So for now i’ll leave it there and vet back to this tomorrow night.

As always there are naff rear suspension parts that come with the kit so i’ll be changing these and making more realistic ones with the parts above. Hopefully with all the extra detail i’m adding you’ll still be able to see them once it’s completed.

So as you can see this set are a much better likeness to the real thing and will give a much better look to the gearbox and suspension at the rear. I cut the coils off the base drilled two small holes and glued in the main body of the suspesion to it. Then glued in the rods after the springs were placed. I’ve made sure that everything is measured up and fits snug.

Thought i’d do some test fits just to make sure all is still ok. It is. I forgot how nice an F1 car this actually is. The f1 era that these cars raced in for me was such a different world to how it is now. And in a lot of ways I still prefer the 70’s up to the late 90’s.


According to the manual the radiator housing has some moulded piping incorporated. I’ve decided that these are nit good enough and sanded them out smoothly amd added some clearence for the piping as shown bellow in the reference I managed to find this afternoon at work.

Both side pods seem to be very similar from the images i’ve collected so I will be adding these parts scratch at a later stage once the pods have been shaped and painted. I’ve noticed that almost 99.9% of any additions will fit snugly under the cowling so don’t have to worry much…

This is a rough idea of what i’m looking for. However there are a few more pipes and some detail to be added but this can all be finalised at the end.


Back to work today but on my return home tonight I have the engine to finish with it’s final coat of paint and the monocoque glossed ready for the cf decals that came with the extra kit. One light coat of this will be sufice. I’ll update with pics this evening. As work is quite quiet at the moment i’ll be sneaking a bit more research in and gives me time to plan ahead.


Got back to the mp4/2 last night, nothing exciting to report but have some updates later this evening. Cf work, some more detail on the engine and a few other bits. See you then.


Today I got back to painting the engine and doing some prep work for the monocoque. Busy at work over the last few days so have been getting some more reference ready. Think I have it all now so getting a lot done tonight. Will update with pics during the course of the evening.

There is so much detail to be added and so little space. Here it is so far. Added a few cables to the engine ans and have hand painted all of this. It’s so small in comparison to previous 1/20 engines i’ve done but im happy so far.

A few more pipes and additional detail added. Will give it a rest for now and have a look at the monocoque and prepare for all the CF. Will update the engine possibly later tonight or tomorrow. Think its going to look great when it’s done.

It’s starting to look interesting now. Half way through the first stage of 3 with this. Gear bix and drive sections to start tomorrow then the brakes.


The day is drawing to a close and nearly finished work. Today all i’ve thought about is getting the gearbox and back axels all completed. Hope to see you soon.


I’ve managed to get so much done over the last week or so but just haven’t had the time to update on my site. I’ll be adding some pics asap today. But for now i’m just sorting some bits in my office, i.e. the spray booth. For the last few months it’s been sat on some tote boxes that I had lying about but today I managed to sort a base for it. So for the next few hours i’ll be completing this. A little insight to what i’ve done: the cockpit is nearly complete with CF and detail. There are a few bits to add then i’ll be on with the chassis and front and rear arms and brakes.


Side pods and undertray and the body work all preped and ready for paint. I estimate this will be all complete over the weekend and possibly finished for next weekend. As I don’t have much time i’ve not gone into great detail with this build but when the parts above are all complete i’ll be showimg a bit more detail on the front end ie wishbones steering and breaks. Then i’ll be doing some over the top detail in addition to the kit itself on the engine and turbos. I’ll update with pics over the weekend.


Here are a few images of the chassis/undertray complete ready for assembly.

Brakes and calipers are drying and will be ready to assemble shortly. So far the monocoque and side pods with std detail are added. Once the brakes are done i’ll get on with the side panels and then mount the engine, rear axels and suspension arms. Hopefully I can get this all done by tonight.

Got the front brakes and brake lines fitted this evening. Manged to also get the intercoolers fitted and started a bit of wiring. All the battery packs and electrical bits that sit on top of the fuel tank are ready to be added but will get to to that tomorrow. I’ll also be fitting the engine and gearbox and rear suspension arms and drive shafts too.


As you can see from this the car is finally taking shape. Loads of wiring and the exhaust and turbos to add now. Just waiting for the paint to dry and i’ll add these parts shortly.


I’ve been getting a but carried away today with wiring and extra detail. I’m fairly happy with it so far but have a lot more detail to put on it yet.

Tonight i’ll be conpleting the rear brake assembly and wiring and finishing off the wheels tyres and decals. I’ve managed to get hold of some 1/20 scale valves for the wheels and will be adding these later too.


I’ve Managed to get quite a bit done tonight. I’ll be ordering some 1/20 brake sets for the spindles and nuts for the wheels to finish of that section as the original parts from the kit aren’t that great. I thought i’d get away with these but on reflection they just aren’t up to the job. All I need now is to finish off the body work and decals and it’s complete. Just a bit of touching up here and there and i’m fairly happy with it. Off to bed now. It’s been a long day as i’ve been back to work today and i’m shattered. Back to it again over the next few days and i’ll update as soon as possible.


First coat of primer on the body. Loads of sanding to do on the sides and under carriage before the white and gloss ckear coat go on.

Front wing and nose primered and ready for sanding and smoothing out. At the rear the primed and white painted side mirrors. These are ready for gloss then cf decals and mirrors to be added amd then fitted to the clear visor.

Side panels painted. Ready for cf, heat resistant material and PE to be added post clear coat.

Some cf parts added. Fastener parts from the aftermarket kit depicting the panel connectors.

Rear wing assembly all preped and ready for paint with photoetch. The rear wing will be complete with original decals from the extra kit and std kit plus the cf.


Late last night I finished off the side panels and just waiting for them to dry. Wheels have been finished so I’ll add pics accordingly. Just the body and the rear and front wings to finish now and the car is complete.

Order just placed with Steve @ for some extras to finish off this car and for the fw11b in 1/20 that I’ll be doing after this. A complete new brake set with proper discs and calipers. Looking at what i’ve done with the existing stock parts is ok but when I look at the mp4/4 next to the mp4/2 and the extra detail i’ve done on the mp4/2 it just quite doesn’t make sense to leave it as it is. So kit ordered and will be a lot better to look at when finished. Basic detail parts to top up what I already have and put in the box ready for the mansell Fw11B.


Not got a great deal done tonight but managed to get the above done. The windshield and mirrors ready for when the body is complete. The rear wing parts are in the spray booth ready for their undercoats. The front wing is ready for it’s first coat of white. Think I’ll be putting two coats on then decals. There’s quite a few photo etch parts for the rear wing and two pieces for the front. I always find these tricky to paint for some reason but I hope this kit will be ok. Plenty of cf for the wings too which will really make them look good.


Wheels are complete with valves and livery. Just need to clean them up and, done. I’ve not sanded down the rubber tyres this time as they actually look more authentic than what I initually thought. The side sections that fit against the radiatiors will be painted later this afternoon and glued in place. I found some reference to some detail behind these panels as shown below and will add this once its all set.


Tonight the side panels will be added and the front wing and body will be ready to mount decals and cf. I’ll add pics later tonight. Today my delivery from Hiroboy and an mp4/6 in 1/20 should be delivered so can’t wait for these. The brake upgrade sets are in the delivery so can’t wait for these….


Today I recieved my goodies from steve at Hiroboy. So as per bellow i’ll be emulating the reference as much as I can on the front end and i’ll be needing another set for the back. I couldn’t find a 1/20 set of brakes that had double calipers per brake disc. So i’ll be keeping the overage for spares for later kits.

The above is an image of what i’m looking for and bellow is the kit.

Front and rear wheels complete with inside PE.

Front brakes and pads ready for sanding and base coat.

All the lovely intricate detail that’s on these brake kits will make the car look so much better.

One thing I have noticed is that i’ll have to bore the hole out that the original brake discs sat in as it’s way too small for the top studio discs. (As shown bellow).

I’ve removed the existing kit brakes and on with the extra top studio ones. I should be finished with the front end by tomorrow and then on with the back over the weekend. In the mean time the body and wings will be completed. I’ll update with pics tomorrow. I’ve added the side panels and added a bit more detail in the engine bay and will add a bit more to the side radiators later tonight if I get the chance. Here is where the car stands so far.

Test fit to make sure the body still fits nicely.


The undercarriage of the body and front wing are painted. Ready for silver lining and cf.

I’ve completed one brake assembly on the front. The second front one is ready to mount nearly. I’ll be adding this shortly. As I previously mentioned I’ve added some more detail on the fuel tank and on the side radiators. These are all scratch built. There’s not a huge amount of scratch built parts on this model however you’ll notice I’ve added quite a bit extra based on the reference at my disposal.

Front brakes nearly complete. Just a few more bits to be added. I.e more detail and it’s complete. Now for the rear.

Front wheel with nut.


Front brakes are completely finished now. Rears are going on over the next few days. Have had my daughter this weekend and worked the Black Tag with the company I work for so not a great deal has been done on the kit. But i’m back to it now. I’m hoping to complete the car this week and move on to the next kit.


Just a bit of light wet and dry to smooth a few areas out then its dry time then gloss. This should be done by the end of today. Once this process is done another coat of gloss then decals then gloss again.

All rear brake assembly is ready to be fitted. I’ll update with pics later this evening.


D-day, tonight the body goes into gloss coat and the front wing too. Then assembly. Assembly of the rear brakes too and the MP4/2 is complete. I’m looking for a base and this will more than likley be bespoke. Not sure as yet. I’ve decided to finish off the MP4/4 body at the same time. Howere this will possibly stretch into the weekend then next week it’s F2002 time. Pics to come.


Not got a lot done over the past few days as wanted however the body is done, i.e. the above. Just needs a few more coats of gloss and it’s complete. The rear wing is in pieces but ready to assemble as per the image bellow.

The main side panels for the rear wing are in the paint booth. The above parts are almost complete. Just need to tidy them up and gloss them all up. Once this is done i’ll attach them all together and attach to the chassis.


The main bulk of the car is complete. All the rear brakes are done and mounted. All I have to do now is assemble the rear wing and mount that. It’s taken longer than I thought but i’m not overly fussed to be fair. All I need to do now is complete a mounting plate for display.


Not had a great deal of time to complete the Mp4/2 but as of tonight the final parts are coming together. The rear wing should be complete this evening.

The body was sprayed with a final coat earlier and is ready to display.

Final update on the completed car should be tomorrow. Things are great with the kit and i’m really chuffed with it.


Rear wing and front wings complete. Just drying for now over night and should be touch dry for tomorrow night. I’ll glue the rear wing on and have a base ready for it to display. So plans for the next build. Well fist as i mentioned earlier the MP4/4 needs mounting then I really need to get on with the f2002. So watch this space and i’ll update with pics shortly.


This was prior to giving the front and rear wing a final over coat so that the decals are locked in place. A bit of wet and dry and some polishing tonight and its complete. I’ll update later with some proper pics.


One of the stands for the bodywork. I’ve made two of these and will paint them in Marlboro red. Below is the stand i had made for me and painted black.