FW14B update

If you are following my wip you will know that things are going smoothly, not a great deal of issues but a lot of scratch building going on in preparation for paint. There is still a long way to go but once the hard arduous parts are out of the way the fun bit of detailing will begin. I have started doing the cockpit detail but have put it on hold till after the weekend. Monday is a new start to a new week and full steam ahead to get the bulk of the front end and monocoque done.

The FW14B rebuild has started

The other day I started the FW14B build or rather rebuild. Every single step, every single nut and bolt will be shown as I travel on this second fw14b journey. So please follow on my home page the link to the build. In-depth discussions around the build how I’m doing it what I’m using. The good the bad and the ugly. Hope you will follow as it’s going to be the most complex build I’ve done yet.

Fw14B Top a studio Side Pod & ECU set

So Top studio have released the latest 1/12 Tamiya additional detail set. The FW14B side pod and ECU kit. Cannot wait to get my hands on this. Hopefully the Engine set by Easter. Awesome kit by the looks of it. Including a much appreciated and needed fuel head system set up. As for price I have no idea. I haven’t seen it advertised on any site so far as this is hours old. So keep your eyes and ears peeled. Set ordered on pre order to be released on the 23/01/21. £48 inc carriage to the UK. Cannot wait

Ferrari 126 C2 Revell Update

The Revell kit is going well. Above are two images of what stage I’m at. The main components are not glued down as of yet they are purely assembled for gauging whether everything is fitting correctly. There is still quite a bit to do. Rear axles, more engine detail, wheels and tyres, brakes and discs all round and the main cowling. Please keep an eye on the wip. I’m not going into mega detail on this build in terms of what I’m doing as my daughter is involved so it’s mainly just a bit of fun with some extra detailing. Hope you enjoy. After this I will get back to the mp4/6 fujimi 1/20.

Revell 1/12 126 C2 Ferrari build with daughter

So the last few days over Christmas Ella (My 9 year old daughter) and I have been building a 1/12 scale engine. Most of the work has been completed by her. Painting, reference etc. The detail however is a bit far fetched for her at the moment but that is all I have done. This is all her own work and I’m really impressed with what she has done so far. Using paints, gluing and finding reference material. Wow is all I can say. A little modeller in the making. Bellow is where she has managed to get. Updates are on the wip page.

Really proud of my little girl. Love spending time with her doing this. All her choice which makes it all the better. Can’t wait to see how this ends up. So till the next time if you fancy keeping an eye on the wip please watch. 👍🏼


F2002. 5 days to go and back on the bench.

             For a long time now the F2002 Revell has been sat incomplete in a box doing nothing. Today I made a decison after speaking to a mate that it’s time to get back to this car and finally get it put together. I do have my concerns over certain sections but putting it to one side and doing the 1/20’s especially the MP4/2, I think it’s given me that confidence back to do some serious scratch building on the areas I was wanting to get moulded. 

             The MP4/2 should be finished shortly and on a display base. The f2002 will be back on the bench and i’m giving it till end of 3 months to finish. Can’t wait. Things are looking good. I’m now in a situation where I can get on with my work and complete kits. See you soon. I’ll be updating on f1m soon 

Back up and running. F2002 1/2

 It’s been a while since I sat down and had a look at this kit since I started it over two years ago or there abouts. It’s been a really challenging kit to say the least but once I’ve got the front end sorted out it will be time to assemble all the parts. I’m really looking forward to it and should be complete by the early summer. It’s been tough and I’ve learnt a lot from this awful revell version but the additions I’ve made should, I hope, add that extra bit of wow factor. Stick with me I’m hoping this will be a big head turner…..  

 Front left wheel assembly being built. All reference on the big screen. Love that thing it’s so handy I would highly recommend one. Connected straight to my mac book…