1/12 scale build

F2002. 5 days to go and back on the bench.

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             For a long time now the F2002 Revell has been sat incomplete in a box doing nothing. Today I made a decison after speaking to a mate that it’s time to get back to this car and finally get it put together. I do have my concerns over certain sections but putting it to one side and doing the 1/20’s especially the MP4/2, I think it’s given me that confidence back to do some serious scratch building on the areas I was wanting to get moulded. 

             The MP4/2 should be finished shortly and on a display base. The f2002 will be back on the bench and i’m giving it till end of 3 months to finish. Can’t wait. Things are looking good. I’m now in a situation where I can get on with my work and complete kits. See you soon. I’ll be updating on f1m soon 

Back up and running. F2002 1/2

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 It’s been a while since I sat down and had a look at this kit since I started it over two years ago or there abouts. It’s been a really challenging kit to say the least but once I’ve got the front end sorted out it will be time to assemble all the parts. I’m really looking forward to it and should be complete by the early summer. It’s been tough and I’ve learnt a lot from this awful revell version but the additions I’ve made should, I hope, add that extra bit of wow factor. Stick with me I’m hoping this will be a big head turner…..  

 Front left wheel assembly being built. All reference on the big screen. Love that thing it’s so handy I would highly recommend one. Connected straight to my mac book… 

F2002 update 

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For a whe now I’ve been busy with family and wedding arrangements and general stuff and not had a great time for anything. Work has been hectic and coming off the back of a weeks holiday I’ve forced myself back into my models. Wednesday should be a good day, no one is at home and I have all day to get back into the chassis and the air boxes for the f2002. I’ve managed to get a considerable amount of supplies to get this car finally finished. It’s taking ages due primarily to not having any time but I’ll be updating the site with the work so far. I’m fairly happy with where I’m at and still think I can get this car finished by Easter. So apologies again for the lack of work on my site it has been a trying time. 



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For all those following me on f1m and f1modlz website the f2002 will be in it’s last stages from Wednesday. I have a time frame of Easter to finish it so not much time with what I have available. I’ll be spending all my time and effort to get this completed so that I can get on with the FW11B. Thanks for watching and enjoy. 


F2002 engine almost complete

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I’ve been working tirelessly over the past week or so to get this monster finished and I’m in the home straight. There’s a few bits to add and also the exhausts but apart from that it’s complete. I’ve continued the wip on here and also on f1m. I hope you all like what I have done. The trumpets and injectors and all the little intricate parts have been more or less hand made and constructed based on reference I have for this car which is very limited. I’m almost at the stage now where I can add this to the chassis.


F2002 is back on the bench

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The f2002 is back on the bench and I have been constructing the left side pod. Quite a lot of re modelling and scratch building on these so will take some time. Keep an eye on the f2002 build on the above link. This car is going to really look nice when it’s complete.


Small preview of what’s happening.

Modelling update

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Sorry I haven’t been doing a great deal on the f2002 as I’ve had so much going on at work and setting up my photography site. I should be able to get back to the modelling soon and appreciate you’re patience.