1/20th scale

MP4/6 1/20 Update

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I started this a few weeks ago and it’s well underway. The tub was painted and ready for a bit of detailing this weekend so got to it earlier this evening.

I’ve started the front suspension and have butchered the original kit parts and creating my own version. I have however only got one shock to spare so need to purchase some more next week. Hopefully you can follow my wip.

I’m using a different technique for the cf and finish on the tub so hopefully it will turn out well. I’ll be back to it in the morning and will give some further updates as I go along.

Quite a lot of detail is going into this build and I figure it will be my most detailed 1/20 to date.

Completed MP4/4 1/20

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Completed and mounted 1/20 Tamiya Mclaren MP4/4 full detail. The MP4/6 Fujimi 1/20 full detail is under construction in my wip section for this car. Hope you all like it. Still a lomg way to go with it though.

Mounted MP4/2 Lauda Mclaren 1/20

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Now I can call this complete. Ready for the display case here is my Lauda MP4/2 84 British GP Beemax 1/20 full detail F1 car. 1 of many to mount and display. Next is my MP4/4 Senna car. Considering i’m a huge williams fan I seem to be doing a lot of Mclarens. Never the less Mclaren will always inspire me.

Completed MP4/2

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So here it is the completed MP4/2 Lauda car from the British 84 GP. There are a few more images to edit but will add these later.

Time for it to be stored away ready for mounting when the plinth has been finished.

MP4/2 1/20 almost complete

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The mp4/2 almost complete. Just a few things to tidy up and it will be ready for display. I’ve really enjoyed this build. Not a great deal of negatives where Bmax are concerned. I was really happy overall with the moulding and the general quality of the basic kit and after market parts. Once I have this completed i’ll update with some proper photos.

1/20 Driver & Helmet Kit

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I’ve never done one of these before so will be doing one for my collection. Seeing as though I’ve been doing a few Mclarens I’ve gone for Senna as my next Mclaren will be the MP4/6-10 so this will be linked to the WIP i’ll be doing later this year when the F2002 is complete.

MP4/2 update

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Quick update on the Mp4/2 wip that i’m doing. I’m in the home straight now. Just a few bits to do and it’s done.


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Thanks steve @ hiroboy.com. Took delivery of some extra detail parts today to finish off the mp4/2. Can’t wait to get stuck in tonight. 

All kits ‘SOLD’

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All previous kits advertised on eBay and on my site are now no longer available. All have been sold. Good luck to those that have bought them and hope to see your work on F1M and other model forums 


MP4/4 boxed ready for the move….

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Here is the MP4/4 1/20 Tamiya super detail I did which isn’t entirely finished. I still have the seat belts to add and the body work. Unfortunately the right hand side of the rear wing fell off but should be able to re add it later. I still have to decide on a stand or viewing block for this car and not sure whether to have a bit of a f1 track look or just a simple black block. I’ll be making this out of wood and painting it at some point over Christmas. (Hopefully).