1/20 and 1/12 f1 kits for order

I have decided that it’s been quite a few months since I first mentioned I’ll be making oob 1/20 and possibly 1/12 kits to order. It has been quite a difficult thing to think up so I have put together a few prices and hopefully will be quite competitive based on the market we have seen evolve and go crazy over the years. There are two genres that I’ll be attacking and two different markets. Firstly the oob and curb side markets. I’ll be  producing mainly 1/20 and possibly 1/24 scale f1 from the 70’s through to present day with little or no extra detail besides what’s in the kit and some cf work. Secondly and more bespoke is the full detail 1/20 and 1/24. As you have seen from my site I can go to the extremes and will do based on request. Time frames are based on price and the time I have available for building. I have a full time career in telecommunications management so time is precious and limited to one day a week and a few evenings. 

Depending on the kits I’ll be looking at prices varying from £69.99 For a 1/20 or 1/24 oob kit  and will take requests on races and drivers to £99.00 plus for full detail and drivers and races on request. Depending on the kit and what’s requested I’ll will give quotes on request too. Any of my followers wishing for me to build them a car or possibly a bike as I’m getting into these again I will only take payment on completion and satisfaction of final piece. Please contact me for any details or any queries I am more than happy to have a chat via facebook or my email add on the site.