RIP SIr Frank Williams

What a sad day for f1 and the world. Another loss of a legendary figure in F1. I had personal contact with a few of the team from 1992 when I photographed the fw14b and his direct family. I will hold that moment in my heart forever because in f1 there has never been in my eyes a greater team of people. So down to earth loving and dedicated to their fans and people. They all touched the hearts of millions and will never be forgotten. Frank, you created history and you left a legacy that may be bettered but no one will ever give me what you did in those early 2000’s. Thank you and god rest your soul,

Steve Mohlenkamp F1 Photography


I’ll be adding a link to my site shortly for this amazing f1 photographer. Some of you already know him from f1m forums some of you may not. Steve is an accomplished all round lover of the lens and has produced some fine work in his life time none other than his outstanding f1 images. Please visit this site. It’s still young and has plenty to come. His work I believe is for sale and all queries are directed through his site.

Any images shown here are copyrighted to Steve Mohlenkamp and are not for reproduction unless authorised.

Made to order F1

Once I have completed my f2002 and the two 1/20’s I have planned I’ll be starting some oob kits. Primarily 1/20’s f1 from the 70’s to present date that will go on sale through my website. I expect to start this process back end the the financial tax year 2015 going into 2016 April. The kits will consist of the out of the box variety with basic detail in addition. However I will do bespoke full or extreme detail for those interested. Please pm me through my web email @ f1modlzuk and I’ll be happy to help. I will be interested in some 1/12 builds too which I’ll be doing again in the same manner and through my web site and on eBay. Prices will vary depending on scale, detail and time constraints.

20years ago today

It feels like it only happened a short while ago but how time has flown these last 20 years. First Roland then Ayrton. RIP… I remember I’d only just semi moved to the UK and was sat in my livingroom in Northampton watching the race. I couldn’t believe already what had unfolded the two days before at Imola….. It looked tense people looked out of shape and Senna in that famous image before the race started said it all. What was to happen next blew me away. Senna gone, as far as I’m concerned the greatest driver or technically gifted driver there ever was, gone!!!. Watching all these documentaries and videos of him with unbelievable amazing driving skills just shows how formula 1 has changed. Whether for good or bad, I don’t think we will ever get to see that kind of driving again, in my lifetime I don’t think!!!! So was he the greatest that ever was? We all have our ideas our thoughts, but for me he made f1 amazing. I’m so privileged to have been able to see those races and be brought up in an era where f1 was at its best… To all those and we must not forget them that have died at the wheel of a race car, RIP.

Modelling forums


For those who visit my site who want to get involved with forums and finding out what’s happening in the wider world of modelling this is the place to be. Packed with pages and pages of what I can only call inspiration! Please get on it and look at some of the amazing work some of these guys produce. has a new forum too which if you visit steves site has a link to it too. Get inspired and keep modelling alive.


If you don’t already know Msc was involved in a serious ski accident and was put into coma to sort a brain clot and hemmerage from a fall off piste…whilst skiing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have faith in your fighting ability and you will pull through soon fella. Please let us all pray that a legend of F1 irrespective of our personal thoughts of him on the track are just that and pull together and direct some love and prayers towards him. Get well soon champ you will be fine