Telford Model show 2017

    Telford 2017 model show: wish I had been able to go. Loads of pics online of some amazing models. Big up to Steve from Hiroboy/Zero paints. Next time I’ll get down. Need to get to these shows. Missing out big time#. 

    Massive advocate of steves paints. Awesome stuff won’t use anything else. Will be putting an order in soon buddy got a few bits and some paint to get, running

MP4/6 Joe honda book

So I finally started to get my collection of Joe honda pictorials up and running. Courtesy of and my other half’s purse I now have this book on its way. Looking at the Mp4/5 pictorial this is very much like what I want to be publishing in the not too distant future on the Williams FW collection. We will have to wait and see.


It’s arrived. Loving these books by Joe honda and giving me plenty of ideas for my own. On another note spot on service again from Steve @ cheers fella as usual never let’s me down.

Why I use zero paints


Simply brilliant and in my mind the best. They are flexible forgiving easy to use and look awsome on all models. If it weren’t for alclads it’s all I’d use. The main thing that interests me most about this paint is it’s ready to go and there is no mixing or thining needed however it can be thinned if wanted.

Another reason is that so far and I stand corrected if someone has experienced different but this paint is so nice being mixed with other manufacturers. The only paints I might mix with are alclad gloss or mat finish and so far have had no issues..

You can almost get away with one coat in certain areas however when Finishing off large surface aread and body panels I’d advise to coat thin and layer to get that desired effect or finish.