Office/model room

Wood for Office base

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Model Engine Clamp

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Big Office Build…..

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I’ve been away for a long time but things have taken a turn for the better. Without wanting to go into too much detail I had a very traumatic latter stages to 2019 and found it very difficult to get into anything least of all my builds. Life has been tough of late but I find that jumping into my work and involving my mind with f1 and my kits has given me a new lease in life. My mind has been so pre occupied in work and family that I’ve neglected the things I truly love doing. I have spent some time researching and gathering materials for a huge external office build and want to share this with you all. There has been a lot of weather issues in the uk of late so things have been a bit hard to start. However, things are looking up the weather is calming down so I should be able to start what I intend to be an exciting build. So buckle up and I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you all. I hope I can also inspire you all to make an amazing space to enjoy your hobbies, be it model building or arts and crafts After the weekend I plan to start my foundations so watch this space. I shall update with videos and pics of what I’m up to.

Back at the Mp4/6 1/20

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Desk view

This is me back to the modelling. Not done a great deal tonight but as per my WIP on the MP4/6 1/20 I have been doing a bit of juggling between my daughter and the front suspension. I have a full day tomorrow to get really into the swing of it so there should be some updates daily from now on.

Cleared bench

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So the bench is cleared for the next kit to be started. Before I do i’ll be completing the MP4/4 1/20 body work that I never got round to completing. Once this is done I was going to get on and finish the F2002 as it’s been at the forefront of my mind for some time. However, i’m still in limbo over the drive and steering system at the front end so will be getting on and finishing the Lotus 79 from 78′ that I started a while back. Onwards and upwards to the next model journey. Please keep watching and i’ve also decided to get some videos done. I’ve had a few emails relating to this so that’s something i’ll be adding to my you tube channel that i’ve never used and on here.


Model room 90% complete 

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My office is almost complete. Just need to hook up my monitor and do a few bits here and there and it’s fully functioning. Getting all giddy. Once the Mp4/2 is complete I was going to finish off the F2002 but i’ve had second thoughts between that and the Lotus 1/20 79. Not sure as yet but have a week to think about it. The Mp4/2 should be done by sunday evening. I’ll post on 365 and f1m. 

Model office

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       So off the back of the move and a long time setting up the room to work in i’ve managed it. Just need to put my monitor up and my spray booth which i’m collecting later on and i’ll be able to get back to my builds as of this evening. Been a long time out of this game and really lookig forward to it.  

       What to start back with is going to be hard. I’m not really one for starting something and not finishing it and i have a few on the bench. I started the Mp4/2 so will probably get back to that and the f2002. I still have some parts to get hold of for this (f2002) so need to send some emails. I’ll be dedinately updating with pics later so watch this space. 

Happy modelling 

       I ripped out my old room and luckily the spare room in my new place was decked out similar to my old one. So basically this has worked out really well. Just need to fit the spray booth and im ready to go. Really looking forward to getting on with some work. 

      All ready to go. Off to get the stand from the old house to put the spray booth on and we’re ready to go. Very excited indeed. Tonight i’ll be back on with the MP4/2 1/20 and update the appropriate thread/WIP. See you then…..