Happy new year

Happy new year to you all. I hope this year will be the start of something new and positive. the world we live in is a crazy one but sometimes we need a break. Be positive, be strong and make everything count. Loads of love from myself and my family and thank you for the inspiration and following me. All the best guys. Let’s have some fun this weekend.

From all at F1modlz


Murray Walker passes

Over many years of following f1 dating back to the 80’s for me this mans charisma and voice kept me glued to the TV and radio. I’m so sad that this legend of a man has passed. What a wonderful person. I’d loved to have met him but never did. I will always remember the addiction to f1 the way he kept us on the edge of our seats with his amazing commentary. God bless him and thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP big man

New Year, back to the bench and the website

Hi everyone, I’ve been sat here now for two days doing a lot of thinking and doing stuff around my work room, my bench and my website and finally I have the buzz back to get on with my builds. This last few years has been tough. I have been having issues getting my head back into my builds, I get to the point where I sit down start doing some work and another thing gets in the way. Work, family and other priorities are constantly making it hard to spend time doing what I love doing best. So here goes, it’s time to get stuck in and finish off the F2002 1/12 Revell and the 1/20 mp4/6 Tamiya.

Everything is in place so hopefully this time I won’t be disappearing.

Tomorrow night i’ll get back to the mp4/6 and upload in my WIP. I’m forcing myself to get this kit done by the end of April 2019. The F2002, well that’s another story. I have things to get on with but really need to get the electronics and steering system sorted out.


Modelling update

      As of the beginning of November 2017 I really got back into my building and have been concentrating on the Mclaren MP4/2. As per my WIP there’s only a few items that need to be compeleted but we are in the home straight. I’ve removed the link for my ebay shop for the Fw14b images and will be taking requests by email for a downlaod link. Due to currently not having the option to make discs and the cost of postage I feel it’s easier and cheaper to send out links in this technological world we live in. Payments I can discuss with you at point of sale and arrange this as there are certain options available but I am unable to use PayPal at this time. Should anyone want a disc I will try to arange this should you prefer it. 

My next build will more than likely be the final stages and completion of the F2002 1/12 Ferrari. I need to find a part for the front end before I can finish off the monocoque but in the mean time I’ll complete the gearbox and engine bay and the front and rear wings. There’s a lot to do but I have more than enough time to get back to things and complete these projects clear the bench and get back to some new stuff. I was possibly thinking of doing some oob rally, lemans and possibly some multimedia kits. 

The office is back to working order in my new place and my life seems to have taken a turn for the better. So hopefully going forward I’ll be able to get a more consistent feed of updates and work done. Please keep watching and contacting me. I appreciate all the views and follows. Any queries please email me or contact me through the chat/comment options on my pages. 

Happy modelling all and thanks again.


Back in the game 

Welcome back to the land of the living. It’s Been a long time since I added anything on my site and felt it was time I got back to what I love doing… it’s been a while since I even picked up a model or an airbrush or anything for that matter modelling related but now I can. 

A few of you know my personal circumstances and understand why I’ve been away for so long. So I apologise for not updating things as much as I would have hoped too. It’s very complicated and such that I won’t be airing it on here but I’ve got that vibe back and hope to get on with some F1 in my spare time. The F2002 is my first port of call. I really need to get this car finished so will be contacting Brian from Fawcett models and patterns to sort it. The steering and electrics for the front end need moulding and start putting the car together finally. Other than that there’s a few 1/20’s to get back to and my book. 

Plenty of things to get on with. But first I need to move all my gear to the new place and set up some kind of temp station. I don’t have much space but what I have should suffice for the time being. So as soon as that’s sorted I’ll get back to updating the site and hopefully have some fun. 

Look forward to your emails and questions and comments. So I’ll be seeing you all soon. 



1/12 Tamiya for sale

Good evening peeps, hope we are all well. Tomorrow i’ll be adding some 1/12 kits to eBay for sale.. Anyone fancy a purchase privately please let me know. I will ship worldwide subject to cost.. All my 1/12 kits must go. They are all in the original boxes and complete.. Please pm me if you fancy any of them….
Many thanks Paul 

FaceBook F1 Pages

To all my followers of f1 modelling. I have removed or rather deleted my Facebook account for the foreseeable future. I still have my Facebook pages up and running on current builds but most of my work will be through my website. I have too many mediums currently running at the moment and managing them with a full time Carreer is too time consuming. I’ll update the pages on FB for f1modlz and my website. 

Many thanks Paul