Decals and Finishing


So these are the items I use. Two that are not on here, a sponge and some very soft kitchen towel. I use micro set , micro sol and micro flat in all my decals including carbon ones. I have two tweezers from Tamiya which are my preferred make, don’t know why they just feel nice in the hand. The tray in the top is used with Luke warm water for 90 percent of my decals unless they are too big then I use an old photography developing tray. Big tip, I have come to appreciate in keeping my carbon decals true, uniformed and consistent with what I’m adding it too. Unless I see a image saying different all my decals hive off the impression they are one piece. To me this just looks nicer and more realistic. I use a scalpel to remove the excess clear edge to the decal. Even though I’m going to clear over it I don’t want any issues going on under the clear when the car is subjected to light over time. ( some may think poppy cock but that’s my take on it ). I use two different sizes of brush to eliminate ridges and smoothing out the decals and removing excess fluid from under Neath. A bit of towel to dab it at the end bug be careful one false move and its good bye decal.

Here are the clear coat products I use from zero paints. As a tip I would always use the same manufacturers when mixing paints etc, that’s my experience everyone is different so please don’t neglect to experiment.


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