F1 Image collection

I’m sorry but unfortunately I have had to remove all my accumulated image collection of F1 cars due to copy write etc until further notice I am unable to show the images I have that are not mine.

As soon as I have clarified where I stand I will reset this.

I have unfortunately been advised by my solicitor that even though images that I have collected and not taken myself are bound by copy write and therefore legally,even though I’m only showing these on here and not financially gaining from them, it is still illegal.

Any images I take myself I will post or sell and any I have ( collected through other channels) that are requested for non profit if I have them I will gladly share if you have any requests…( if I have them) Please let me know. If I have them I will gladly send them as a zip file etc.

Posted 12/01/2014

3 thoughts on “F1 Image collection

  1. I ama an iatalian modeller and I am building a Ferrari 641/2 in scale 1/12.
    Do you have photos or technical documentation on this race car ?
    Please help me for pedals acceleratoor, electronic master ecc

    Thank you fr your attention


    Nicola Melluso

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