F2002 1/12 Build

This is my next build the Ferrari F2002 Schumacher won one of his titles with so convinsingly and I’ll be starting it soon. I just have a few more bits of research material to get hold of and I’ll be starting so I’ll keep you updated…..

This is going to be a complex and time consuming build, mainly due to the extra building of components and additional research needed to get the most accurate detailed 1/12th scale car. Revell have done an ok job but there is a lot of extra stuff that needs adding and removing. I have an abundance of data now, so ready to go soon.


So the question I ask myself is where do I start? Well the obvious thing would be, follow the instructions… Well that goes without saying in most situations but for me I’m only going to use it as a guide.. First I’ll be eliminating all the rubbish I don’t want and make a list of what I want to change, build or better, however you want to describe it. Washing your kit is the first thing. Get rid of all that unwanted mould residue from when the parts were moulded. Second, clear the desk and make sure everything is in place and lets begin. I’ll be starting with the air box and the fuel rail. I will post some images of the work I do as I go along.


So my task is to convert the above items from the kit, ie the intake box to what’s below…. !!!??? Big task but I’m up for it, just need to work out how….


A few more bits for the F2002.


Paints and primers, including pre 2004 Ferrari Rosso red for the F2002.

Thought it was about time I started to slowly get the old red stuff off the revell kit. This is going to take ages but needs doing. It all needs to come off. Just spent an hour with a medium grit and a bit of elbow grease. Nowhere near started but it will come right in time. Make sure that you get rid of any crease marks and raised edges from the moulding process because there are a few of them and it will show. Plenty of putty to be used and plenty of sanding. Some people tend to use paint stripper and this is probably a good way of doing it but to be honest I like to be at one with my model and like to get to know the curves so when I’m finishing it off it’s as good as I can get it.


The old saying “once you pop you can’t stop” , yes the wet and dry is out and I’m cruising. Can’t stop, it’s obsessive!!


I’ve decided to leave the air intakes and the fuel rail for a bit and have started glueing parts of the engine, air boxes and fuel tank ready for sanding down and adding putty into the gaps where the panels and sections don’t meet. I’ve glued the parts together and waiting till they have set. I normally don’t touch them again for at least 24-48hrs. Once they have set I’ll get the putty out fill the gaps and leave again for the same amount of time. Then I’ll sand down them again before I go anywhere near it with the first layer of white primer.


This is the fuel tank and it will be primed but not painted. I’ll be cutting a bronze/gold carbon decal onto this similar to the effect on the original vehicle.


The gearbox will be primed once prepped and a couple of layers of alclad black gloss undercoat then alclad silver. 25-48 hrs between coats, maybe longer. I haven’t chosen the correct colour scheme yet, so one thing at a time.


The air boxes, like the fuel tank, are covered in carbon weave and will be added once the whole box for both sides has been prepped. I’m contemplating cutting the radiators in half as suggested by the reference material I have that support the fact that at the rear of the boxes there are two attached on each side. I will scratch build the connectors that hold them together. Also apparent in the reference material is the positioning of them both which suggests that they are slightly in front of one another.


This engine block is going to take some time as there is a lot of prep work needed to make it perfect. As with the gear box I’ll be priming in black alclad gloss base and choosing alclad metal paint according to research material I’ve found.

I’ve spent a number of hours going over hundreds of images I’ve collected of various parts of the car’s engine and gear box and found numerous issues that I need to work out before I start to think about colour and electric components. For me this is vital to get it right and I’d rather the replica be an accurate one than one that’s only half true. One thing I will say though is I’d love to see what was being used for reference when they made this…..


Getting the fuel tank decals set out ready to cut and add to the tank.

So tonight when I get back home after a long day at work and tomorrow whilst looking after my daughter I’ll be updating the fuel tank and adding a few extra details to the gear box. I’ve decided to use a moto GP bike rear damper kit to emulate the rear suspension in the F2002 as this is the closest thing I can get to the real look. I’ll be adapting it and changing the colour but the general theme of it is almost identical and will make a better presentation. Whilst doing this I’ll have to add a few more components and cut some sections out but there will be a before and after shot to give you a feel as to how much change will be made at this point . Would rather be at home doing this than working but hey ho that’s the way life goes.

After some thought and a conversation with someone about the fuel tank I’ve decided to ditch it and do my own which to be honest will look a lot better. I’ve also ordered some gold decals from Australia because no one seems to have any. This will be instead of the carbon on the tank as the pics I have now show a different material, so I’ll be going off these.

One thing I should have done earlier which I normally do and will remember to do so in future was to get a few of the parts and put them together, but not permanently to see how well they fitted. This is what happens when you go from Tamiya to Revell, you get complacent and asssume that one is the same as the other. One major thing I have noticed is the sheer quality difference between Tamiya and Revell its astounding. I’m a bit disappointed with the mould finishing on certain sections but have no fear this is what model building is all about and I’ll get there. It’s going to be hard but I’m more determined to get it done right.


Finally my putty has arrived. I can now get on with my building of the air ducts. One thing again that is a negative about this kit but easily resolved is the lack of precision fitting. A lot of the components don’t fit right so this stuff is a must.


So I’ve managed to apply the putty over the gaps between both joining sections on each air duct, so this should be ready to sand down soon ready for primer. No more gaps and a lovely seamless joint. Once the paint and sanding is completed ill add the carbon decals.


I’ve left the air ducts over night to set, it says 30 mins on the tube but I’d rather leave it to set properly for at least 8-10 hrs, just my preference. They don’t look pretty at the moment but once I’ve finished putting the primer on and putting carbon fibre on too they will look amazing. (The main thing is the carbon will now sit nice on the plastic as apposed to falling through the cracks etc and looking messy, which is why using putty is a must).

Having spent the best part of a couple of hours today looking at some reference pics of the radiators I’m definitely going to separate the radiators in two as suggested. There are certain areas of the kit that don’t have inlet or outlet coolant pipes located but that should be pretty easy to fix with some additional manufacturing of components. I think that adding this additional detail will give some extra credibility to the final piece.

The filler is all done all sanded down and I’ll be putting the first coat of primer on tonight. See what it looks like and see if its all nice and smooth ready for the carbon. A Few things I’ve noticed via the research material I have showing certain parts of the air box where items have been attached and removed and there is ware. I’d like to add this but it doesn’t really conform to the total finish I have envisaged so before I add the carbon I need to make a decision, am I going to go the full Hogg and make the car look as though it’s been in a race or it’s just been built ready for testing? Big question I know but one that needs answering. Things like this are always going to crop up especially when you adding detail. Where do you stop? When is it to much ? Only I can decide that and i’ll have to do it quick so whilst I’m at work again on a bank holiday I’ll be thinking of models and detail !!! Don’t tell my boss

Right this evening I’m back on the F2002. (31/05/13). Just finished applying the gold leaf to the petrol tank. All it needs now is the addition of the fuel pipes and the electric mounts that sit between the rear of the tank and the engine block. Images to follow.

I’ve been getting really frustrated with the tank as every time I finish it I hate it so I’m going to go back to the Alclad and see if I can do something with a metal finish instead, hopefully this will be better. I’ve spoken to someone about the gear box and might be getting this made outhouse as I call it. The original gearbox from revel just doesn’t cut the mustard and if I’m going to go the whole Hogg I might as well make it look authentic.


I’ve just put the Alclad base on both the engine block and the fuel tank ready for the Pale Gold mix with jet exhaust on the fuel tank and Gold titanium and Duraluminium on the engine block. I’ve found that these two are the closest replica colours ill get to the actual components from my reference material . I’ll be doing this later tomorrow.


I’ve put primer on both the rear cowling and the main body of the car ready for more wet and dry just to iron out some little raised areas I keep finding. I want the paint job on this car to be the best I’ve done. Each car I do has to be better than the last. for the front of the car where the nose cone meets the main body I’ll be scratch building a plate that holds all the steering mechanism and the brake servos and the hydraulics for the foot pedals.
I couldn’t resist sanding down the primer ready for some new layers.



I think these two areas are going to be the most complex for me as I need to make sure the nose cone can go on and come off in the same manner as the real thing. Plenty of thought and planning as I have to consider the lower supports for the front wishbones too.

Having being used to Ebbro and Tamiya quality the more I look and play with this kit the more disappointed I get in the overall quality however it makes me more determined to make it better.


Here are some more parts of the engine all primed up ready for the metal finish. Two rocker heads and what I assume is the oil tank and cover for the flywheel from the looks of the instruction manual. (If anyone fancies correcting me out there please do).


Added the front plate ready for the steering and brake mechanisms. Still needs a bit more wet and dry on the body. Still not perfect. Need to use some putty around the seems to fill the cracks between the body and the plate though.

Spent half an hour sanding down last nights micro primer. The body is looking smoother now. Only a few more to go I hope …


Rocker head done. Ready to be glued to main engine block.


Fuel tank is ready to have pipes and extra detail added. I feel a lot better about the finish now. Don’t know why but it didn’t feel right before.


Oil tank is now ready to have the cap painted black. I’ll carefully paint this by hand. Things are slowly coming together.

Things are getting interesting now. The engine is coming together.


As I’ve been suffering from a nasal issue I’ve only been doing minor adjustments to my build. Mainly cutting the two radiators in half as shown in the Reference material I have and adding the under carriage of the cockpit ready for some more filling, primer and sanding. Once I feel better ill be getting on with the shassis and the air boxes. Once I’ve got all the main components of the car ready I can then move onto the best bit, adding detail. (Can’t wait).

I’ll be adding some more pics later tomorrow. 12/06/13.


Now looking at this you may think, what’s a pair of Moto GP front forks and a bike stand doing in here? Well the answer will be clear soon. I’ve been routing through some old sprues I have lying about and came across these. Now these will be used for my radiator hoses. Perfect sizes and already curved in the right areas. Whatcha this space.


I’ve added the base and the shassis support to the monocock and sanded it down after using filler. It’s had its first micro filler spray and is going to be left over night for sanding. I’ve noticed a few areas that still need filling and sanding down but prep work is essential in getting a lovely final coat of the old Rosso Red, so I want it perfect.

I’m still debating on what to do with the gear box. It’s becoming a bit of an issue as there are a lot of alterations that need doing but for the moment it can stay untouched as there are a lot of other areas that I can concentrate on.

I’ve added a few more parts to the already growing body and have filled in a few gaps that need filling. I have a few more additions and there should be dome images later tonight. (21/06/23 – 17:02Pm) once this is sanded down i’ll coat it with a few primer layers and keep sanding till it’s perefect.


There are still quite a few areas of the bodywork that need filling and sanding down but this is where I’m at. Not pretty by any stretch but it’s on its way. A few more hours and maybe days sanding it down and the prep should be finished ready for the first coat of Rosso Red. The longer I spend on this the better I feel about it. To be fair with Revell the body panels are ok it’s just the detail that bugs me in the rest of the car.


I think a few more hours here and there sanding and filling and a few more coats of undercoat/primer and body will be ready. Here is the piece so far.


Whilst using the squadron putty i’ve learnt a valuable lesson, make sure when using larger amounts of putty to let it set for at least 24 hours. The reason for this is that when you are sanding down the lower layers haven’t set and it leaves a mess and you have to start all over. ( one good thing about this is that you don’t have to panic as it’s easy to reverse and start again. Just take your time).

Just had some Alclad stuff through the post from Hiroboy. Think I’m going to do some experimenting with clear kote over the metal finishes to preserve the finish so that no finger prints and wear will appear.


Whilst I’m waiting for the other areas of the car to dry etc I’ve decided to start on the cock pit. Here are some of the things I’m going to use.


Started the seat this evening and this is how far i’ve got.


I’m using the MFH seat belt kit from Hiroboy as that thing, what I can only call a thing, is, was and always will be hideous (rubber Revell seat belt) so it’s gone in the bin as stated previously and what I have done looks a lot better. I’ve also put flocking on the seat and made it look warn and used so if you see a raised bit or a ridge in the fabric it’s deliberate. The flocking is by Zero Designs by Hiroboy.

Once I finish work I’ll be back on with the seat and will be adding detail after the paint job I have in mind, all the wiring and electrics. It’s going to be quite an intricate job but I want to do it. There is also an extra harness in yellow that needs adding so that will be added too.


The left side of the cockpit is nearly done just need to start on the other side now. I’ll add some more images in a few hours.


Here is the almost finished cockpit with extra harness. There are a few more items to add then it’s done. Apart from the plastic frame every bit of detail was added from Hiroboy detail kits purchased off Steve. MFH, Top Studio, Studio 27 etc.


Just added the radio cable so it’s more or less ready to house in the monococ, so it will have to sit on the shelf till that’s ready. Right the next job is getting the rads and the sidepods done.

I’ve had a couple of days chilling and working but i’ve managed to get a bit more prep work done on the body work for the rear cowling. This should be ready in a couple of days for CF and photo etch on the inside and the first layer of Rosso Red Pre 2004 but not in that order. I’ll be doing the carbon last after I’ve painted it. Once all the body nose and chassis are fully prepped I’ll be ready for the next stage. I’ve been keeping an eye out on both SPC and F1M forums and getting inspiration from a lot of past and present builds. Truly amazing stuff guys. In ore of some of it.

Here is a quick pic of where I’m at so far with the cowling rear body work. So far i’ve put the complete aero together down the right hand side. All panels are in place with putty covering the seals ready for sanding. I hopefully will get the chance to do the other side tomorrow night ready for it’s first coat of primer.


There is a extended wing that attaches to the upper side next to where the exhaust outlets are but I’ve left them out due to the ridge where the upper and side panels meet needs sanding down. When this is done I’ll attach it and then spray it with undercoat/primer.

It’s too nice for modelling i’m in the garden with my beautiful girls with a beer in one hand and some food in the other lol…… 07-07-13


The other side is done just needs sanding down and it’s ready for primer.


First layer of filler/primer is now on the cowling ready for sanding down. I’ll sand it down over the next 24-58 hrs and see how it does. Need to make sure that all the joining parts are completely flat before I put the side wings on the cowling otherwise I won’t get the desired effect I want for when Red layers go on.


The chassis/under tray is now ready for paint just needs a little sanding here and there and it’s done.


I’ve put a few of the larger components together of the model to get a feel for the size of it. It’s coming along now slowly but surely. Still can’t wait to get the engine and all the electrics and plumbing sorted.

So tonight (11-07-13) I’ll be sanding a bit more and a bit more, then a bit more primer/filler. I should then be ready for adding some more aero then finished. Every time I pick up the body work I see something else that needs doing. It’s never ending but a must!!!! Forgot to mention, the nose cone and front wing supports are mounted and ready for their first primer session. I should have some images of these tonight too. I should also point out that at some point I will be adding some holes in the body work ready for placing the rivets if you can call them that. I’d rather use the words connector plugs etc that join the front cone to the monococ.


Not had a chance to do much today, I took the family to the beach as the weather was too good to stay in and build models. (Wife’s thoughts not mine lol). So I’ve done a few more bits this evening. Can’t believe how long the prepping is taking on this model. Until I’m happy with it I’m not touching it with the Red Paint…. I’ve re done the wings and the air vents on both sides as previously I had filled the gaps in where the parts meet each other however looking at some reference images, I have noticed that these are actually separated by a gap so I have removed the parts re sanded and re glued ready for the primer.


Here are the main three sections of the car. Plus the nose cone ready for paint. As mentioned before I paint, I just have to add the rivet holes as per reference and then I’m ready to go. Again I’ve noticed an area of the monococ that needs sanding down a bit but should be good to go.

It’s taken a while to get to this stage and I assure you it still isn’t exactly how I want it so I’ll be looking over the body work later tomorrow once it’s dry and I will re evaluate it then. Some may think I’m too fussy but I want it done right.

I was intending on doing this earlier but I will be doing them tonight (20/07/13) when the little one is in bed, the drilling and marking of the holes ready for rivets and connector keys on the body work. I have a little more work to do on the nose cone and that will be ready for paint. Need to pop to the local model shop to get some more tubing for the radiator piping that runs along the base of the floor pan. Happy days, I’ll get images on later and should have a video clip of it later too on you tube.


Above is the rear cowling with a selection of rivets and my hand screwdriver that allows me to change screw and drill bits. Very handy tool. Think it was a hobby craft one. I don’t know if you can see it properly but I’ll add some more picks when I’ve completed it but there are tiny pencil marks around the cowling marking the rivet holes. These will be drilled and once it’s painted I can then place the rivets in the holes and glue them.


The holes that have been drilled for the rivets are more obvious now. These have been drilled in the places indicated by my reference material.


Just on the top at the left hand side where I’ve put a mark and the word yellow a new hole this is for what I guess is some sort of access port for the car electronics I’m still to find out what this is. There are also to extra holes left and right front where the nose cone meets the monococ and attaches itself.


All taped up and ready to go. Next time you see this baby it will be Rosso Red. I’ve finally got the cowling to a level of acceptance and it’s hopefully going to come out well. HERE GOES!!!!


First layer of the red stuff is on. Looks ok but needs a few more coats. Then it’s the underbelly that needs sorting. I have reference material for this so looking forward to getting knuckled down to it.

Think I’m going to clear coat it once the outer shell is completed so as to not disturb it whilst I’m prepping the underbelly….


Second coat of red went on tonight. Think I’ll need one more possibly before I clear coat it but I’ll wait and see what happens after tomorrow night.

25/07/13 12:53pm
I’ve done a third coat and looks ok but I’m going to leave it till later tonight as there are a couple of small areas that I’m not mega happy with. Just needs wet and dry and then another coat of red then it’s time to hand paint the exterior exhaust area. Once that’s done its clear coat time. Might get that done tomorrow night. Possibly over the weekend. Depends on how long I need to let it dry for. I normally give it a day (24) hrs between coats. With the clear i might leave it (48-72hrs). I’ve already started on the front wing and just deciding on how to approach fitting it together before paint or after. Think i’ll leave it till after.

The final final layer of Rosso Red on the cowling is now done. Just need to do the under carriage of the cowling and then it’s ready for decals.

Tonight I have done the following. The first layer of red on the monococ however you will notice that I haven’t done the back this is due to a few additions I need to make for the fuel tank.


I’ve also started the chassis and this is the first layer of red. Looking nice now. ( think I need some new filters for the spray booth. One thing I have noticed is that at the moment with the spray area being so small it’s a right pain to get spraying over larger areas. Need to get the desk section on and build my extra large spray area).

Had some plans tonight to do some more work on the car however as it was my other half’s birthday I didn’t think it was appropriate to be in my man pit as she calls it lol. We had a great night out so was worth it. Back to work tomorrow and back to the F2003 tomorrow night so I’ll do some updates then.

How could I forget the white part of the rear cowling!!! Just unmasked it and re masked for the white. I’ll add some images later when I’m done and I’ll also add some pics of the exhaust outlets painted up too. Once this is done I can finally get it clear coated.


Part way through the process. As you can see the exhaust areas are being hand painted black/Matt black and then it’s onto the white area where the Marlboro decals go.


Rear exhaust area done just had to fix a mark I left on the side of the cowling by mistake so having to leave the white till tomorrow. Eventually I’ll get this bit done. Then I can get the decals on.


The white is on just two more coats and it’s done. Tip of the day: make sure when you are removing the tape that you do it well after the paint has cured. This way there is minimal chance of the paint running, seeping etc. I use a damp ear bud to push the tape as tight as possible to the body, panel etc that I can.

12:18pm (29/07/13) the daughter is being fed then it’s clear kote time. It will be the first time I’ve used this product properly so I’ll show the results afterwards.


First layer of clear coat. Couple more to go then onto the under carriage.


Going to leave it a while now and then give it one last coat later today.


One side done. Just the other side now then It’s clear coat again but only a slight amount once the decals are set.


The other side is now done and ready for clear coat. The cowling is nearly done. Next job is the nose cone and the rear wing. The wing at the rear may be a bit of an issue as its part of the gear box in regards to the way it fits together so will have to have a think about what I’m going to do with it.

The cowling is now finished and drying. Two things I’ve learnt from this part of the build, 1) the decals Revell Provide are quite good, 2) my spray booth is kicking up so much dust it’s caused a few issues so that needs looking at. Nose cone now, will start that after tea….


Done the undercarriage of the cowling and ready for taping up again and doing all the edges. Then I have to paint the exhaust outlets silver/stainless look as per reference. Based on the images I have there are so many variations on this car it’s unbelievable. Considering the fact that originally I couldn’t get any proper images the ones I do have give me many options.

I was going to start the front or rear wings however as my other half was in hospital today for a minor Op I decided not to get too engrossed so just did the above. I love painting free hand and find it therapeutic when I have a steady hand but with the airbrush it’s more fun.


Chassis ready for paint. This one is going to be a bit tricky as I’m going to attempt to spray the base black Matt and silver based on the heat shield base you get in most F1 cars of this era. I’m doing this as an experiment as apposed to buying or using foil base. It might work it might not but we will find out.



Thought I’d also get some of the air duct split sections done as above. I’ve added these as per reference I have. These were measured and cut to size using plastic card and will be glued and filled into place. ( That’s the bit I’m dreading, as it’s going to be tricky).


Cowling is all taped up ready for the edges to be painted black and then the heat shields placed inside. Think I’ll start on the air ducts and get them done next ready for the carbon decals.

Back to the grind stone again at work but when I get back home tonight I should be able to wrap up the cowling and chassis. Maybe not the heat protective section but get straight into it. I’m considering doing a bespoke cf job on the lower chassis wings and the front end that sits under the monocoque? Not too sure but I’ll see how this goes first.


I’ve been thinking about this section of the car all day and have decided to just put the plastic parts together to get an idea of scale and what I’m going to do with the brake system and electrics and the steering set up. Not decided yet will probably sit and look at this for hours on end before I decide…..

Before anything I do here I need to make an important decision on the fuel tank! Am I using the parts or am I using bespoke sections and add them?? Big decisions and without the actual engine block I’m going to use I have to rely on the kit.

Don’t think I’m going to use the airbrush tonight as I need to get some more filter material for the booth. eBay again but I should get that by Wednesday poss Tuesday I hope. Day off Wednesday so should be able to get quite a lot done this week.



These are the rocker covers and have been made by Brian to replace the originals as shown bellow.

Can’t wait to see the gear box and the extras that he’s doing.


The Marlboro decals I ordered off Steve at Hiroboy have arrived and will be a welcome addition to the livery of the car.

After leaving this model over the last few weeks I’ve got back to it and started the, or rather continued the monocoque and should have that ready for the brake as servo parts later this week. I think that the rest of the car will have to wait for Brian to finish the gear box and engine so I’ll be starting and getting on with the prep work on the Mp4/4 1/20 Tamiya kit with Top studio parts…


I’ve been having a look at a few areas that I’d like to be doing whilst I wait for Brians kit to be finished which are mainly the front brakes servo area and the front and rear wings. I may have to put the rear on hold for a bit as some of the kit Brian is building incorporates the base where it attaches to the gear box… I’ll also be remodelling the whole fuel tank area and the hoses which I’ve mentioned before but this time I’ll actually get to it. But the 1/20 Mp4/4 comes first as I’d like to get this finished soon….


I received my Kit from Brian today. I won’t have time to upload pics this afternoon but will do tonight to show you first hand the amazing work brian has done on this extra detail up resin kit. From what I’ve seen of it I’m well chuffed. Watch this space.


Today whilst I wait to put the decals on the mp4/4 body I decided to get back to the f2002. So far I’ve removed all the kit parts apart from the engine block and started again with the correct parts Brian made. They are fastened together with clamps at the moment. I’ve decided apart from the cockpit to start all over again so this is stage one. Get the gearbox and engine in place and dry fitted so I can measure up for the fuel tank.



Whilst these parts are drying or setting rather I’m prepping the monocoque ready for the brake master cylinder and steering rack. Need to get all this down and the fuel tank before I put the final coats on of the red.



I’ve just loaded and set the front plate onto the monocoque as shown below. Once this filler is dried i’ll sand it down and measure up the area for the hole that cuts through to the drive shaft and the suspension. I’ve done it this way as it’s easier for me to measure from the suspension and wishbones where they enter the front end.


The access hole is now done just needs a little more sanding then its time to drill a few holes for nuts and bolts and mark up the area where I’ll be putting the scratch built steering rack system I’m going to make.



Both the gearbox and engine are ready for their first coat of alclad metal finish. Will start this shortly and then get onto the fuel tank area.


This is where I’m starting with the top end of the fuel tank inside the air intake at the top of the driver position. Wince this is set I’ll fill the edges so they meet correctly and then measure up for the outer walls of the fuel tank.


This part or rather the monocoque is not fitted glued etc and is only here for reference so that I can measure for the side walls. Im going to have to add the air boxes too as I don’t want the fuel tank to encroach that area otherwise I’ll have to start again.


It’s a bit rough round the edges but you will get the general just of what I’m trying to achieve here.


I’ve had to add the seat as it will be impossible to add it after the new fuel tank is added…. Ahhhh this is going to be tricky, could end up ruining the lot. Hopefully that won’t be the case.


Fuel tank nearly done just needs glueing in place and its in perfect place. Just enough space behind the engine and the fuel tank for all the wiring and radiator piping.


There is so much still to do. All the detail on the engine gearbox and the radiators will be a big long drawn out task but one I’m relishing.

Here is the car with the engine sitting perfectly behind the fuel tank.


I’ve started to add a bit of detail to the engine. It’s again a bit rough round the edges just need to tidy it up a bit and I can put it to one side and concentrate on getting the rest of the monocoque done.


The engine is slowly coming together. Electrical lines into the spark plug rail are in both sides and the hose connectors are I place. I’ve not put the other clips on as yet as I need to add that at a later date when everything is put together.


That’s it for the moment I’ll be giving it a rest for a few hours whilst the filler sets and then it’s back to sanding before I get painting again.




Small update, I’ve managed to get the fuel tank fully fitted and the sides painted black ready for the very dark cf and the gold look that runs down the inner sides of the side pods. I’ll update with pics after the weekend as it’s my brothers wedding tomorrow so I won’t get much chance over the next few days. Once this is completed its time to get the under-tray finished off and the monocoque finished off with the Rosso red. Things are moving swiftly forwards. I’ve managed to also get a considerable amount of reference material for extra wiring and electrical components for the engine and gearbox so these will be completed sometime next week hopefully then it’s time to get to the complex piping for the radiators.


Sorry for no updates recently but a lot has been going on at work and at home recently and haven’t had the time to sit down for more than ten minutes to get anything done, however I have some time off this next week so should be able to get a few things done as mentioned previously but this time I’ll get them done.


I’ve set aside some time tonight to get on with finishing the fuel tank and the final red coat on the monocoque. Once this is finished I’ll gloss coat and let it stand for a few days to cure as I’ll be handling it quite a bit once it’s set with all the steering and brake cylinders etc. I’ve found some chocolate egg wrapping that’s gold, and it’s perfect to mimic the effect on the fuel tank so should look better than a gold coat of alclad. The inner cockpit is nearly complete apart from the steering wheel. Not too sure if I’ll be using the extra decals or making some bespoke aftermarket scratch build dials. I’ll update as I go along so should be able to start this shortly.


Under coat done on the fuel tank and through the air scoop above the drivers head. I’ll let that dry for an hour then attach the foil.


There’s still a long way to go but I’ve been sanding and prepping the monocoque for paint as a few areas were not perfect. I’ve painted the edges where the cowling meets the monocoque ready for the cf decal work i’ll be doing. I’ve painted roughly first so that any mishaps or not perfect fitting can’t be seen. Shouldn’t be an issue but it’s a preference of mine.
The monocoque needs a few touch ups here and there so should be ready for gloss tomorrow or the day after.


Once the gloss is on I can get started on the livery and the front end. The fuel caps need quite a lot of detail so should be able to get to them soon too. Once these areas are done I can get on with finishing the under tray and fit the monocoque to it so that the air boxes and the engine can be added. Hopefully things should start to take shape and look more like an f1 car..

I’ll update again once I’ve completed the above.

I did a test fit earlier to see how the fuel tank looked on the under tray and with the air boxes next to it, here it is.



After some considerable time off the modelling setting up my photography business again and other family holidays and such I’ve started back on the f2002 tonight. I’m getting the final coat of red on the body and starting on the air boxes too. The dividers that separate the air boxes in two are glued in and ready for a coat of gloss black then decals. I should have some pics later on. If I get chance before the night is out I’ll be setting up the fuel tank covers and electrics around the space between the engine block and the tank itself.


Finally after a few months of doing nothing in the modelling room I shall be getting back to the f2002. It’s been a while and very frustrating but just standing in there looking at everything I’ve been doing over the last year is inspiring me to get to it. So, I shall hopefully be updating this section soon with more work and some more writing.


These two side pods were modified earlier in the year with some plastic card to emulate the air intake pods double Chanel. This I believe was done on the original to direct flow of air to cool two separate radiators on either side of the pods. They have been glued in and I’ll be using a bit of filler to bridge a few gaps between the card and the inner shell of the pod. Once I’ve completed this I will be hopefully tonight adding the carbon fibre. Once I’ve completed this I’ll leave it to set over night and get on with manufacturing my own bespoke correct radiators.


My intention is to also emulate the correct tone and colour in the side pods which I’m finding difficult as all the cf I have is either too dark or too light. So I’ll be using a close match then spraying a smoke layer or layers over the top with a bit of Matt black mixed in. Hopefully this will give the desired effect I’m looking for.

It’s now 00:14 am uk time. I’ve completed the filler part of the pods tonight and they are ready for paint as in an undercoat ready for the cf. I’ve chosen a non descript black gloss so the cf fits nicely. I’ll update with pics tomorrow and should have some with the cf attached. Next the radiators.



The filler has dried and ready for a bit of sanding then paint. Then cf tonight.


As you can see from the bellow image I’ve been adding some extra parts to the revell radiators to give it that more authentic true effect. The actual radiators will be covered by photo etch at a later stage once the scratch built areas are done. I thought this section would not take a lot of time but it is so bare with me as this is only one side that’s not complete yet.


I’ve added now some additional parts on the pipe that runs into the engine block. I’m not sure what these are but they look like valves or inlet/outlets for the radiator fluid. (Maybe someone could advise me on this one?).


A little crude at the moment but that’s one side done and ready for primer then clad stainless. Really getting into this now. Onwards and upwards…..


I thought I’d get started with the electrical parts to the drivers left side pod. Here is one section that I have completed. Over the next couple of hours I’ll be putting some gloss primer on the radiators and leaving them to dry over night ready for the alclad chrome.



So another day at work but I’ll be back on the side pod tonight. One thing I have noticed is the larger pipe running off the top of the right side of the radiator needs amending. It’s a bit too proud and sticks out to the left too much. This will be sanded back and will look more like the original images I have. If you want to see the correct pics I would advise going on gurneyflap.com. Obviously for copyright reasons I won’t be adding any images on here unless taken by myself. Once this is done it’s time to finish it off. I’ll hopefully get all this done tonight so images to flow later.

Another area I’ve just noticed whist studying the reference material I have is the lower inlet pipe sections for the radiators that sit at the bottom. I will need to add these later too so that they Marry up with the piping that sits on the base of the car. Giving myself a lot of work to do but well worth it in the end when it’s finished.


Dry fitting the side pod together to see where things need to be amended and changed. The blue are needs to be sanded back so that it looks more like the original radiator hose outlet. I’ve added a few more parts and will fill thr gaps shortly then paint.


This is taking longer than I thought. Test fitted the radiators against the engine and the long pipe coming off the top needs to be pulled back a bit due to the corrected rocker heads where it enters the engine. So I’ll be doing this tonight instead of painting so I’ll update when I’ve finished.


A small test fit to makes sure things are still in the right place and snugly in place. I’ve noticed a few areas that nee tweeking. Almost impossible to get this right when it’s painted and ready for assembly as I’d end up making mistakes and leaving visible inaccuracies. Also would ruin the alclad finish which I don’t want.


Late last night I added some more parts to the radiators. Mainly the metal connectors that hold the pipe to the external pipe that runs down the outside of the left side of the radiator and an aux connector section that sits at the bottom of the right radiator. The main tube that protrudes from the top right hand side has been cut back too ready to fit the engine. I don’t think there is much more to do on this before paint but I’ll have another look tonight. I’ve also added the rubber gasket that runs between the two radiator sections and that will be painted rubber black to emulate that part.



My 3 year old daughter has decided to help me today so will be doing some more on the car later. I’ll update with images during the course of this afternoon.

A few more additions to the radiator. This needs to dry then it’s definitely going to alclad undercoat.


I’ve been really unhappy with the main pipe that runs off the top of the radiator and into the engine so I cut it off and re built it. I’ve dry fitted it here below to show you the effect I’m trying to get. It’s a bit crude at the moment but it will soon come good.



The primer under coat in alclad gloss is now on. Ready for the chrome coat which I’ll do shortly and then gloss over the top to set the alclad. Then it’s time to add the detail to the radiators.


The left side pod is close to completion but still a few additions to make and to attach the radiators to the box. I also need to slide the rubber gasket between both sides then I can start the other side. All the additional wiring will be added at a later date.


I’ve just noticed a few areas that need cleaning up. Again I’ve mentioned this before but when you photograph your work you see things you didn’t notice before. Obviously this isn’t complete and any adjustments I can make before I finalise it.

There is obviously a long way to go but the engine compartment is slowly looking like what it should be. I’ve not done the under tray as yet due to constantly checking to see that thins for and I don’t want to ruin any work that I’m doing.


It’s getting there slowly. Here are a few more shots of some work I’ve been doing over the last hour.



I mentioned earlier that I was going to leave the under tray to do at a later date but I couldn’t resist. It needs doing anyway but now that I’ve finished the majority of the test fitting for the almost completed left side pod and the un completed right side pod I can complete it without having to worry about damaging it. I’ll update with pics when I’ve completed it.


That’s it for tonight. Still a lot of work to do on the under tray. However it’s starting to look like an f1 car now. Can’t wait to finish this thing now. I really do think all the additions will give it that extra look from the original……


I was wanting to get on with some of the under tray tonight after work but due to a family commitment I’ve not been able to. I’m hopefully going to be getting back to it tomorrow and will update accordingly. My plan is to finish off the front cf work and the rear cf plus the rear diffuser. Once this is completed I’ll put a couple of coats of alclad finish so that any further handling of the car won’t effect the finish….


I’ve completed the second side pod but I’ve not posted the wip as it’s almost identical to the one I just built so when it’s dried and set I’ll post some images. I’ll be getting back to the under tray tomorrow and again I’ll post images as soon as I’ve taken them…


I’m currently finishing off the under tray and only have a few bits to add before I post the images. I’ll get to the images tomorrow and post the work I’ve done. Once this is completed it’s on with the monocoque again and the livery.


The under tray is nearly complete, just need a few more decals and a bit more cf work and it’s ready to go. Not sure what to start on next so will be spending a bit of time looking at my reference as there are quite a few bits I need to make for the front end. I.e. The steering mechanism and the drive shaft plush the master bake cylinders. All of this will be made completely from scratch using resin, plastic, photo etch and metal tubing and a few bid from a 1-12 moto gp bike. Watch this space images arriving soon.

This is a pic I took last night of where I had got up to. As you can see I’ve progressed quite far with it but still have a lot of tidying up to do on the cf generally all over the edges of the engine bay. The sections that are covered by the fuel flaps have been started, just a few bits to add and the other side to finish then they are complete.


I’ve completed the cf round the edges now and the fuel systems are in place. All I need to do now it tidy a few areas up then it’s back to the under tray.


Decided to put a few decals on thought it would change the look of the car and does it!!!!



I’m a sucker for this obsessive hobby. Just been back in the office to do the windshield and the steering wheel. The steering wheel isn’t complete as I need to do the cf on the paddles but it’s really coming together now and I’m fairly happy with the outcome so far.



Today I decided to venture into Atercliffe in Sheffield to a local model shop that i’d heard of. It’s not hero boy but does hold a lot of revell and Tamiya kits but I wasn’t there for that. It was more for the huge range of metal piping and metal sheeting that is used for their huge railway building section. Now I know it’s railways but one thing I learnt form the fishing industry is never to over look different genres of fishing so looking into different types of model building and genres you will surprise yourself with the array of different materials. I for one have never contemplated using quick drying modelling clay before but decided to give it a go on some areas of the f2002 that I wish to build which I would add, normally means getting a lathe Out. So I’ll be doing a bit of experimentation on some areas of the car and see what I come up with. Watch this space I’ll add some pics later tonight on my results.


This evening I’ve started to measure up and cut the radiator hosing that lies flat on the under Tay base. As you can see form the image this is all being made by hand and bespoke to the original spec of the car as apposed to the horrible chrome parts that you get in the kit.



I’ve just been looking at some reference and decide to spend a couple of hours making some resin pipe clamps that hold the radiator hosing to the floor pan that enter the engine from the lower left front bottom of the engine. Here bellow is the part I made and roughly what it will look like when on the car.



Still a long way off but here is the general look i’m after. There are quite a few parts to make like the coupling joints etc and a few extra bits of other



Getting back to the f2002 slowly. I have not been well of late catching a nasty bug off my daughter and hectic work schedule at work has meant that little has been done on the car. Today I decide to get back to the scratch building of the right hand side radiators. There are some subtle differences between the left and right hand side so they are deliberate if anyone notices them. I’ve also been going through some of the other parts of the kit and prepping them for paint. Mainly the side pod air defectors and the rear diffuser. As you can see for the diffuser I have removed all that horrible clamp like thing they moulded to allow the sections to sit together. I can’t see this on the original so have removed it.



The extras as mentioned before when I first started building the other side pod were mould blocks from used mfh resin parts that I keep as they are perfect for moulding to the shapes I want and don’t crack when shaping. The PE used on the radiators is from an old re20 set that I had spare and they have been cut to shape and size. There’s still a way to go with these but they are now setting and drying for a few hours before I start to finish them off ready for the alclad gloss undercoat. Once this is complete I can start to build the other hosing sections that sit in the under-tray. Once I’ve finished the cf on the under-tray I’ll be gluing the monocoque in. From here on in it should be just a case of prepping parts and adding them.


The radiator panels are complete now all built up ready for paint. I’ll primer these tonight and should have them finished by the morning. Now to get on with the coolant pipes and the pipe that runs into the engine block of the top of the left radiator section.


Originally I had done both side pods in cf but I’ve stripped this one back and will re do it as I wasn’t at all happy with the results. Should have this one completed tonight.


I’ve spent quite a while this afternoon making the radiator hosing and piping. As it’s quite a lot of work and bespoke to my kit it’s a bit time consuming but it’s getting there. This is the general idea I want from this side according to the reference. It’s not 100% accurate in terms of the angles the pipe work lays on the tray but I’m happy with it. Once this is all sorted it’s time for paint.


Today has been a mega hectic day with a meeting at work that lasted almost 9 hours so had some down time when I got in. Then this evening I have been doing a few bits around the engine bay. Mainly electrical components and finishing of the additional detail I’m adding to the pipes running through the top of the radiators and into the rocker heads. I’ll update with some images tomorrow. I’ll be doing some final prep on the side pods ready for gluing to the under-tray at some point over the next few days. It’s incredible the amount of detail I’m adding to this kit but it really does need it. I wonder if anyone will ever do a multimedia kit of it at some point. I for one would definitely buy it?…..


These were the pars I was making yesterday evening. The First image is of the drivers rear left hose that comes out of the top of the radiator and onto the tip of the engine. The other one which is just a simple pipe is in amongst some wiring that I’ve done for just behind that section that attaches to the lower section of the fuel tank.



I’ve started to get the fuel rail and the trumpets sorted that sit on top of the engine. Slow going but think this bit will be awesome when done.


Once I’ve made my daughters tea I’ll be getting back to the supports at either side of the rail. These will be carved with a knife and files to emulate the engineering that went into the originals. I’ll be using photoetch nuts and bold too. Once all this is complete I’ll be using the alclad gloss base and the polished stainless look that the original engine had too. Cf at a later stage on the block too.

Here is the fuel rail. I’ve spent 2hours already on this and it’s taking ages to perfect. Still a long way to go.



Not the greatest thing I have ever made scratch build wise however it’s been attempted 4 times now and this hopefully is it for the main bull of the fuel rail. I’m not 100% on it however it will have to do and should be a lot better when painted hopefully.


The under carriage. Bare in mind this is just the main section/ part of you will there is a huge amount of detail to be added yet.


Whilst I’m waiting for the fuel rail to dry I thought I’d start a bit on the overhead over engine air box. The part in the mot is ok so thought I’d add a few parts to the rear that faces the gearbox. There are a few wiring pots that needed making so again with some mfh resin block I’ve sanded these down ready for gluing and cf work. Obviously I’ll be sanding these down before gloss and cf application.


After leaving the filler to dry ice started to shape and sand back the parts at the rear and the whole thing looks more like it should.



Few more images prior to paint and cf.



Thought I’d get back to a bit of sanding and shaping of the rear end of the air box. It’s starting to look like the real thing now just a bit more to do and it’s done.


Started to finish the trumpets off. This area is going to be a lot better than the oob version. Can’t wait to get the extra intricate detail added it’s going to look awesome.


The two banks of 5 trumpets from the v10 inserted into their housing for sizing up.



I’ve been doing amongst a lot of work related things today some research on the trumpet bays over the top of the engine and have found that on the f2002 the ran a set up that didn’t show the guts in between the trumpets. They i fact had a solid piece of flat carbon that sat on top and hid everything. So my plan is somewhat scuppered as the version I have reference for is from an earlier version possibly f2000/2001 however I’ve decided not to worry and go with it. It kind of ruins the car I wanted to depict. Having said that I’m a detail freak so I’m going to run with it and use a bit of artistic licence… I’ll have some more updates tomorrow on the work I’ve done tonight and early morning at some point.


Here are the updates on the trumpets and the area underneath the injector heads. Still loads of detail to add. I have the rail and injector detail to add yet but it’s coming along.



I’ve added all the extra detail I can that will be on show when the air box is removed so here it is left and right side and above. I’ve noticed a few things that need re doing again but that’s the berry of taking pics of your work you will see them but they will be removed and re done.




The engine so far. Far from the finished article but looking a lot more like a proper Ferrari kit.


Just added some more detail on the right rocker head based on reference just need to find some reference on the other side for the electrical ports etc.



I’ve been sat here for the last hour or so looking at the fuel rail that I had done and to be honest was not at all happy with the outcome. So as per my normal state of mind I changed it. I had a look at some other variants of the fuel rail that had been run during that season (2002) and have come up with this one. A lot easier to make and I’m so much happier with it. I’ve re set it waiting for the glue to set then I’ll spray alclad and then stainless effect to get that duller finish that’s in my reference material.



I thought I wouldn’t be doing anything tonight but I decided to start hand painting the injectors and the fuel rail assembly. Here it is but not complete. Just need to add some more chrome on the ends some more wiring and the main connectors across the top.



Fuel rail done and injectors all ready to be glued in once the hood is completed.



All the extra detail including photo etch nuts and bolts complete. The engine is ready to be placed in the under tray and all the extra wiring will be added at the end.


Now it’s complete forgot to add the little nuts on the inlet hole on top of the rocker heads.



The hood for the injector and trumpet section is on. I’ve tried to give it that used and abused look but still keeping it clean. I’ve added some photoetch nuts and bolts to it to to make it look more authentic.


Rough idea of where we are with regards to things being in the right place.



Whilst I’m waiting to order some parts for the exhaust I’ve put it to one side and started the gear box. Here it is. I butchered Brian’s rear suspension as I wanted something a bit more authentic. I hope he doesn’t mind but it had to be done.


I have nearly completed the top of the gear box. Just a few little bits to do and it’s ready for the drive shaft to be painted and the suspension arms and wishbones to be added.


Test fitting to the engine and under tray to see if all is ok.



Today apart from looking after my daughter as she’s still not well I’ll be doing what’s bellow. I couldn’t dry fit the other side as it’s a bit loose. Gloss base with cf detailing and chrome/stainless connectors that mount on the gear box. There are a few parts missing from Brian’s kit in this image but I’ll add them as I go along.


Not got a great deal done today to be honest not had a huge amount of time however I have managed to sand down all the components for the rear end ie suspension arms wishbones lower and upper. I’ve done all the wheel hubs and brake ducts ready for paint and cf. I started the right rear air ducts in cf for the brakes and decided to test the cf straight on the resin. I would normally want a light coat of dark black gloss for the cf to sit on as per standard process however doing this way has given me more of a rough look. I wanted this as the cf is really exposed to the elements at the front and at the rear. The used look was something I wanted so here is my first attempt and hopefully the last as it’s quite a complex component.



I’ve been cooped up in my office for the best part of 24 hours doing one brake hub, disc and calliper. It’s been a long drawn out process but got this one finished more or less about 10 mins ago.

I’ll be adding a bit more photoetch to it tomorrow and I’ll give the cf a dull Matt clear finish too.




So, not been doing much lately due to work commitments and my daughter being ill again…. Today however I have managed to complete the chassis/under tray and the extra detail on the monocoque ready for the wishbones and the steering mechanism etc. I’ll add some pics later. I still have the gearbox to finish off so might get that done on Wednesday or tonight will see what happens




Small update on the front end. Monocoque detailing is almost finished ready for gloss. All the aerials are added plus all the nuts and bolt attachments. All parts purchased as usual from http://www.Hiroboy.com. All I need to do now is wait for the front drive and break master cylinders to appear. Hopefully next 2 month don’t know but after all the wishbones and brake hubs are done I’ll have to leave that bit for a while.


This evening I’ve been playing about with the front wishbones that I found from some reference. They seem to have little aero wings at the end where they enter the monocoque. I’ve sanded down the original parts and put pins in so they can slot into the photo etch I found from an old studio after market kit I had for a moto gp bike that’s similar to the metal parts on the car. I’ve added some plastic card and sanded down and shaped them as near as possible to the actual parts in question. Here it is.



I’ve decided to put the modelling on hold as I’ve run out of cf decal sheets and micro sol solution, I’ll be leaving the f2002 till after new year. I’ll be putting another order in with Hiroboy then and get back to it. If I get a moment to do some painting I’ll add some pics. I’ve still got loads of images to add but just not getting enough time to sort through them and add them to the site. As soon as I do I’ll update you all. In the mean time hope you all have a great chrimbo and new year, and to those that don’t follow christmas have a great month and new year.


Couple of shots taken of the gearbox and brake hubs from the other day. Starting to really look good. Have the rear wishbones completed to do will add them and then take some pics.

Please ignore the above paragraph I am currently unable to add images to my site as the host has updated the iOS version of the app I use on my phone and have removed the add image button. As soon as this is sorted I’ll update the site with my pics of progress on this f2002. Apologies for the interruption.




The next images I manage to add will be of the complete gearbox and all the wishbones and additional wiring once added to the under tray which I will do once I’ve completed the gloss overcoat.

I’ve added the two little dampers below the rear coil over and some wiring now it’s ready to be placed in the under-tray and attached to the engine block finally. There is still a load of wiring to be added but I’ll do all that once everything is in place and set.


Still having intermittent issues with regards to image uploads, hopefully this will be sorted after Christmas.



Please ignore the above images they were test shots to make sure I was able to edit my pages option and add images. It’s been months since the app I use to update my site stopped me from doing thIs. So from here on in I should be able to update the site with all my progress visually. Here we go. 


So after what seems like an eternity not doing anything on my kits I’m back at it. Here is a sneak preview of the undertray not complete yet but on its way.

Here are the main parts that are ready for assembly. I’m still waiting for Brian to get back to me on the master cylinders and the drive and steering mechanism. Once this is assembled and put in place I can finish off the monocoque and continue with the front wheel assembly.


This afternoon I’ve mostly been preparing and finishing off the inner front wheel assembly that holds the wishbones into the wheel hubs. I’ve used a few topstudio nuts to replicate what’s in my reference and used some cf from Hiroboy to get that more authentic look.


Today has been fun and a great way of getting back into the groove where the f2002 is concerned so going forward tomorrow I’ll be finishing off the wheel hubs for the front. Both sides have been prepped and painted accordingly to the reference I have and will be assembled tomorrow night. Images to follow.


I finished painting the two front wheel hubs and left them to cure over night. I’ll be putting a light coat of gloss over them then cf. once this is done the brake calipers will be added and the discs. Images to follow tonight.


I’ve completed two of these for either side at the front. Once the calipers are finished I’ll add them to the discs and mount. I’ve not had a great deal of time obviously still with wedding plans on the go but it’s coming along.

 I’ve been in contact with Brian from Fawcett models and patterns and he will be shortly getting to the front steering and electrical   parts that I’ve asked him to mould for me. On the above hub I’ve used studio Nuts and Hiroboy cf. alclad as usual for the metal finish.




One of the discs prepped ready for alclad primer and then hand painted. Both these will be ready and finished tomorrow night. I’ve sanded down the original kit parts that Brian made as I felt they were too thin And added a piece of black pipe cut down around the edge. I’ll be drilling the vent holes once the glue had had 24 hours. Like the rear brakes these will be identicle.


Now that these are now round and not egg shaped they are ready for the spray booth. Once these are painted I’ll move onto the front wish bones and finish these off.

Just a little test fit to make sure that they look ok. I’ll update later when they are painted and all attached.

Right time to get on with the nose. Whilst the discs are in the spray booth I thought I’d have a go at building up the walls of the nose cone using plastic card and filler. Once this is set I’ll sand it down and shape. I’m building these up based on reference and will be adding the pins that hold this to the main front section of the monocoque. I won’t be finishing this off and adding cf etc until I have finished the steering section and the electrics. I need to make sure all fits beforehand. 

Currently I’m unable to get hold of Brian to see how the master cylinders and the drive system are coming along so decided to get back to the car and tinker about making a drive shaft in preparation. I was going to use the top studios MP4/6 1/12 version that recently came out but decided it was not accurate enough so have made my own. I’ve used some copper piping and a resin block and moulded by hand the axel joint that sits at the top of the steering rack. This will be alclad gloss coated and sprayed according to my reference in a deep metallic silver finish with photo etch nuts and bolts. Here is the section I have made. 



This evening I decided to start on the actual front suspension. The two items below are what’s hidden in the front section of the monocoque. I was originally going to hand make these from resin or plastic tubing however I found an old set of MotoGP front forks and decided these would be perfect cut down. A bit of candy red and some gloss over the top and they will replicate the reference I have for this part of the car. I have also started to measure up for the steering system but finding it difficult to get the right shape. I’ll add some pics tomorrow with my ideas.


27 thoughts on “F2002 1/12 Build

  1. Paul, I’m so glad I stumbled upon your build.. I found it on F1m by chance, I recently bought this kit aswell. After much thought about how much extra it would need to look passable as a replica..I managed to source the extra decals required to complete the sponsorship on the exterior.I was planning to start the build soon and was in two minds about the photo etch that was made for it.. Hard to find now aswell. I was wondering your thoughts on the model itself. You’ve obviously prepared for this with references and comparisons to the model, In your opinion can the model achieve a good level of detail just with the extras and the marlboro decals? I would really appreciate your input on this as I’m in two minds about waiting or just going for it and adding what I can.. I also noticed you’ve stocked up on some braided lines,fittings and seatbelt parts.. are you happy to just give it some extra detail on the outside, or are you going for the full engine too?

    • Hi mate, thanks for the email. I would defo go the whole hogg. To be honest and ill be blunt, the revell kit is bad but has a lot of good points. The body work is good but the rest is not so clever. I’m getting some extra gear done buy a guy called Brian who has a link in my inspirations section and is hopefully making me a proper gearbox engine and suspension arms front and back. I would defo get the decals used and i would use the wheel and brake kits but make sure you don’t go silly with photoetch. I’m doing a lot with alclads and adding a lot more electrical detail. Keep an eye on what i’m doing and you will see how much out of a bad kit you can get. I think you will only know how far you can or want to when you start building. A lot will be clearer when you actually start it. It’s a hard task but take your time.


      Thanks for the message and stay in touch. I have a friends and customer section if you want I can add your work in there?

  2. Very nice build. Can I ask where you got the replacement rocker heads as they seem to be much more true-to-life than the kit.
    Regards Rick H

    • Brian Fawcett of Fawcett models and patterns is doing a bespoke aftermarket kit on the F2002 for me I’ve still not got it yet as he’s in the final stages of producing it. Once Its done it will be available to order. I have loads of updates on my main website home screen to look at. If you keep an eye on my site over next few weeks I’ll update on the availability


  3. I have started with the F2002 as a matter of fact!

    The red stuff is coming off by means of sanding, wich is a painstaking process but allows you to get more feeling for the parts and remove flash/raised surfaces at the same time 🙂
    As you mentioned this process is quite obsessive LOL!

    Also constructed the resin parts made by Brian L Fawcett, into the floor of the car wich came out great 🙂

    Keep it up Paul cheers!

  4. Hey Paul,

    First of happy new year to you and your loved ones!

    I will gladly send some pictures of my own progress, but before i do i have some areas to finish, i’m getting nowhere fast right now LOL!

    Again i’m stunned by your level of detail and determination of making this low level detail kit into a super-detail build, mucho respect!!!

    Cheers Wouter.

    • Cheers matey. I haven’t done much on it recently need to put an order in with steve as i’ve run out of a lot of stuff. Yea the original really needs a lot of work. If i had a lathe and mill it would be a lot better but this kit for me is about experimentation with scratch building of many parts as well as after market ones. I should be getting back to it soon though. The engine is my favourite part so far

      And happy new year to you too mate

  5. mate you did a great job till now! cas i ask you where did you get the “Cuoio Schedoni” sticker for the seat? i need them as well!!!!
    thanks in advance
    happy holidays

  6. Pingback: Revell 1/12 F2002 – And so it begins – The Reluctant Modeller

  7. Outstanding build I’m really enjoying watching your progress.I thought I might give it a try as well.but this kit has all but disappeared.I did find one on EBay but they were asking $350.00 for it,so I guess I will be content watching your build progress.

    • Cheers brad. It’s all in a box at the moment. Not had a chance to do anything of late. Family and work commitments have put it to the back of my mind. I’m trying to acquire mould for the electrics and hydraulics etc for the front brakes. I’ll try and get back to it one day and finish it lol. Thanks again….

      • Im one of your followers when we came to a stop. I think you just got married and the project had came to a pause. I did manage to buy Brians F2002 correction a few years back after looking at your build. I also had a gentleman turn me the aluminum axles like the ones in Brians photos. I can put you in contact with him of you are interested.
        Anyway, I just came back here because i saw a build and thought about how I put the kit aside for a later date and in hopes that you had may have resparked the build. I really was interested in the front end hydralic and wiring set you and Brian were in the begining of designing. I hope you guys can team up soon and complete that set… it would make the F2002 kit all that much more a pleasure to build.
        Hope all is well

        Alexander King

      • Hi Alex, thanks for the message. Not too sure what’s happening with that at the moment life is a bit all over the place. I have tired to contact Brian via email a few times but not heard from him in a while. To be honest modelling has taken a back seat recently. I’ve managed to finish a few 1/20 detailed McLaren’s and half way through an mp4/6. I will email him again and see what we can do as I don’t really want to continue it until I know what is going to be done.

  8. Superb build and such a lot of detail for me to try and copy. I am very interested to find out what you did or will do with the distributors that attached to the top of the front engine cover of the original kit ?

    • Hi Gareth thanks for the Message. Ahhh yes good question. I have some moulds already completed ready to attach at some point when I get back to this car. I’m hoping it will be sometime this year but as I have so much other stuff going on it’s becoming a tad hard to get back too. Keep an eye out and hopefully your question will be answered visually.

  9. Bonjour. Je travaille actuellement sur la FERRARI F2002 REVELL 1 :12 et je recherche un kit d’amélioration. Pouvez vous m’aider dans ma recherche?
    Merci d’avance.

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